FLORIDA HERBS Parsley Leaf Tincture Review, Beauty Vigour

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FLORIDA HERBS Parsley Leaf Tincture Review

Sabrina Perkins

FLORIDA HERBS Parsley Leaf Tincture Review, Beauty Vigour

A Tincture is a concentrated form of whatever herb they are made from. Using alcohol or vinegar to extract the healthy properties of the herb. Once the tincture is ready you can use it by adding drops to drinks, salves, or even to food.

Purchasing tinctures from companies can be risky business. Making sure you are getting a pure product is important.

Florida Herbs is such a product. Free from GMO, sugar, salt, gluten, preservatives, hormones, wheat, dairy, and soy.  Florida Herbs parsley tincture is a great organic choice.

With several uses for this tincture, it is definitely something you should have in your home apothecary.

Parsley tincture is good for detoxing support, bladder support, kidney support, thyroid support, and all-around good health support.

Some customers also use this product for support with their Lyme disease. Parsley tincture is also a great diuretic. Helping people with releasing some unwanted water weight.

Purchasing this tincture may be difficult at the big box stores, but you can find it online. You can buy directly from the company, Florida Herbs using the following

This can also be purchased on Amazon at the following link: https://www.amazon.com/Tincture-Alcohol-Free-Petroselinum-Cold-Pressed-Vegetable/dp/B07FDHK9KY?th=1

Amazon is the better choice for the wallet.

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            Making choices for health is very important. Buying products that are free from unhealthy additives makes the difference.

With reviews like “Great quality”, “Parsley is a very good product for kidney and heart. I am not a doctor but I know what I needed and use this product. Irina G.”, and “Great product” Florida Herbs parsley tincture is a great investment for your health.

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