30 Day Flab Abs Challenge To Get Perfect Shape, Beauty Vigour


30 Day Flab Abs Challenge To Get Perfect Shape

Kristina Rodulfo

30 Day Flab Abs Challenge To Get Perfect Shape, Beauty Vigour

Regaining flat abdomen and turning oneself into a perfect shape in just 30 days is one of the most popular challenges that most people want to take up. If the challenge is taken up promptly it helps to gain flat abdomen in just 30 days. This challenge includes four different types of exercises to be performed every day. The time spent in performing these exercises should be gradually increased day by day to help one build their body muscle strength.

The best challenge here it to increase repetition of these exercises every day so that one gets fitter and stronger and to drink more water every day to not get dehydrated. Drinking more water to helps flush the body out.

Be sure to take proper training from a fitness trainer before getting the abdominal muscles to work as they would teach techniques to attack the core muscles, most women who are otherwise fit could end up eventually with a belly pouch owning to underworked lower abdominal muscles.

Butts and belly are good partners that work against one’s fitness regimen, sedentary lifestyle and prolong sitting could get the gluteal muscle useless and gets the muscles connecting the hipbones with the legs stiff. Keep moving around as much as possible to stay fit and for a shapely abdomen.

30 Day Flab Abs Challenge To Get Perfect Shape

Abdominal exercises to accomplish 30 day flat abs challenge:

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1. Roll-ups:

One roll up is equivalent to 6 crunches.

  • To perform this, one has to lie down flat with legs close to each other and hands extended over the head.
  • Lift the hands slowly followed by the body to sit at right angles to the ground and get back to the original position.
  • Up to 30 sets of this roll up could be performed in one sitting.
2. Crisscross:
  • Lie down flat and bring both the hands behind the head as if supporting it.
  • If you are starting with the left side, flex the right knee to be held to 90 degrees.
  • Bring the left shoulder to touch the knee, but not the elbow.
  • Repeat with the next side and be sure to lift the shoulder blades off the mat nicely to perform this exercise in the full pledge.
3. Double leg lift:
  • Lie down flat with both the hands folded behind the head.
  • Press the heals together and the lower back over to the mat.
  • Lower the legs down and back up simultaneously.
  • It is important to inhale as one goes down and exhale as one goes up.
4. Ankle reaches:
  • Lie down flat and keep the legs straight on the ground with toes pointed.
  • Reach for the fingers towards the ankles.
  • It is important to use the abdominal muscles and not the neck during this exercise.
5. Reverse crunch:
  • Lie down flat with legs together and hands kept on the sides with the palm facing upwards.
  • Lift the legs over the body, try to lift the bottom off the floor with core control.
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