Face Massager: A LOOK AT THE BEST Beauty at-home facial massage tools, Beauty Vigour

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Face Massager: A LOOK AT THE BEST Beauty at-home facial massage tools

Belinda Keegan

Face Massager: A LOOK AT THE BEST Beauty at-home facial massage tools, Beauty Vigour

1- Jade De-Puffing Face Roller

This jade roller slides and glides easily without getting stuck. It helps with blood circulation in the face, boosts lymphatic drainage, and helps facial products penetrate more deeply. Plus this pick from Herbivore is pretty, making it a handy tool to show off on your beauty shelf.


2- NuFACE Mini Face Massager (2 piece)

This facial device is the closest you’ll get to a facelift without getting invasive. It helps tone your face muscles and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by using electrical microcurrent technology.You can use it in the comfort of your home for 5 minutes.

3- Most Gentle Wand: YOUTHLAB Radiance Roller

The Youth lab’s Radiance Roller is a gentle massage wand that has a textured side with tiny germanium stones. It improves lymphatic drainage, reduces puffiness and wrinkles, fades dark circles and renews the skin texture.

4- Black Obsidian Facial Roller 

This face roller not only looks chic and cool, but it’s also believed to get rid of psychic smog. If the motion doesn’t do that then you will still feel relaxed and at peace.

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This roller that you keep on a desk or on the ground is not only really stylish but it claims to eliminate psychic smog as well. It also relieves stress and anxiety with its rolling motion, which can help balance your chakras.

5- Skin Gym Face Sculptor Beauty Roller

The Skin Gym professional face massage tool is designed to be easy for anyone to use. It’s double-pronged roller hugs your skin, providing a targeted massage that relieves muscle tension. Now you can get an extra invigorating and refreshing effect by chilling this tool in the fridge after a long night or rough week.


6- 4-in-1 Beauty Bar 24k Golden Pulse Face Massager- DANGSHAN

This kit has a pink quartz massager and an oddly shaped piece that is unlike any other.it includes a great entry piece that’s unlike anything else in your collection. It is also great for beginners who are not ready to spend a lot of money on something small.



The Luna 3 is a face massager that has two sides. On one side the product scrubs away sweat, oil and dirt while on the other side it offers 16 different pulsating vibrations to customize your massage. It also comes with a compact size for traveling convenience since it doesn’t need to be charged often.

8- Amirce 2 in 1 Gold Massager Stick

This set of gold massage rollers from Amore comes with a T-shaped roller and a 3D roller neatly packed in a box. They gently massage the skin to improve blood circulation around the skin. Plus they help relieve anxiety and destress the skin.

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 The 3D V-type roller produces 60007000 vibrations per minute to tighten the skin naturally while the Tbar massages and relaxes the skin. Together these rollers help in sculpting.


9- REVLON Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Face Roller

This product is manufactured by The Body Shop. This Face Roller is made of real volcanic stone. It is easy to hold, and it is easy to use. This face roller is perfect for massage, as it massages in circular motions, and soaks up excessive oil that causes acne and acne marks. 

The twisting mechanism makes the product safe for use. This product is also lightweight and easy to carry.

10- Rose on Rose Face Roller Petite- Jenny Patinkin

The Face Roller is made of a pink rose quartz, a stone that is believed to bring love, luck and prosperity.It is specially designed with an easy-grip handle to give you a better control while rolling the face. It has a cooling effect that reduces puffiness on the skin and have a soothing effect on the skin.

11- TriPollar STOP Vx- TriPollar

The TriPollar Stop Vx is a facial massager that uses radio frequency to stimulate collagen production and electric vibration to help tone and lift. When used properly the face is divided into three areas and each is slowly massaged for four to five minutes.

Apart from the variety of skin care products in the market today, the best facial massage tools are the latest talk of the town. These help accelerate smooth lymphatic drainage and aid in a healthy detox. It is not just your regular massage tool, as it benefits you in many different ways. Your skin becomes more healthy and supple, allowing products to seep in and wash out easily and enjoy full protection.

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