7 Best Eye exercises For Healthy Eyes, Beauty Vigour

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7 Best Eye exercises For Healthy Eyes

Sara Kettler

7 Best Eye exercises For Healthy Eyes, Beauty Vigour

Some eye exercises may help you reduce headaches and prevent the risk of glaucoma. You can combine these movements when you practice yoga or practice at the office to dispel fatigue!

Eye muscles may also be tired if you have to work too long without resting. In particular, people who are in office work must expose to computers, even more at risk of eye diseases. Therefore, some eye exercises will help your muscles relax and work effectively again. Let’s learn how to exercise your eyes with just your hands.

Eye Exercises For Healthy Eyes

Along with a diet that has lots of golden foods for bright eyes, you should also exercise for your eyes. Here are a few eye exercises that you can apply at home or take advantage of the company break.

1. Eye Warming Exercise
7 Best Eye exercises For Healthy Eyes, Beauty Vigour
Eye exercises For Healthy Eyes

A little bit of warmth in your hand can help your eyes feel much better. You can apply the following eye exercise to warm the eye muscles:

  • You rub both palms together until your palms warm up and place your hands gently on your eyelids.
  • Let the warmth of the palms pass through the eyes and feel the eye muscles gradually relax.
  • Keep it until the heat from the hand completely transmitted through the eye.
  • Repeat two to three times.
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You can do eye warming exercises when you do yoga in the morning to feel relaxed when you start a new day.

2. The Exercise blinks

This eye Exercise is fast but straightforward, so it is easy to apply when you are tired of using a computer.

  • You sit comfortably, open your eyes.
  • Blink quickly 10 – 15 times.
  • Close your eyes and then relax for 20 seconds.
  • Repeat steps 4 – 5 times.
3. Eye Zoom Exercise
7 Best Eye exercises For Healthy Eyes, Beauty Vigour
Eye exercises For Healthy Eyes and improve eye sight

Try changing the position of an object to see how the eye muscles work to adjust the vision.

  • You sit up straight, your arms straight and your thumb is pointing up to the ceiling.
  • Keep your eyes focused on your fingers.
  • Slowly bend your hands to bring your fingers closer to your face, your eyes still on your fingers.
4. Eye Exercises To Change The View

This exercise requires you to move the eyeball from one direction to another. As a result, the eye muscles will have flexible blood circulation as well as healthier.

  • You keep your head and look to the right.
  • Turn your eyes slowly to the left.
  • When you feel tired or have a headache due to using the computer for too long, you should pause and do this exercise for your eyes.
5. Number Eight Drawing Eye Exercise

This exercise will require you to move your eyes more, which will make your eyes more flexible.

  • You sit up straight and place your hands on your knees.
  • Raise your right hand above the right knee, hold the elbow straight and the thumb up.
  • Focus your eyes on your thumb by keeping your head straight.
  • You hold your hand straight and draw an eight-figure with your thumb, by moving eyes with your finger.
  • Repeat this exercise 5 times clockwise and five times counterclockwise.
  • Repeat the above steps with your left thumb.
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6. Focus Shift Eye exercises

This eye exercise not only helps you relax your eye muscles but also challenges your concentration.

  • Hold your index finger a few centimeters away from the eye and focus on looking at your finger in front of you.
  • Slowly move your finger away but keep your eyes focused on your fingers.
  • Take your eyes away for a moment.
  • Focus on your finger and slowly bring your finger back to the old position.
  • Look away and focus on some object far away.
  • Repeat steps above three times.
7. Eye Exercises To Look Near And Far

It is also an exercise that requires you to change your focus from as far as the exercise mentioned above.

  • Place your thumb about 25 cm away from your face and focus on your fingers for 15 seconds.
  • Find an object about 3 – 6 m away from you and focus on that object for 15 seconds.
  • Focus on your thumb again.
  • Repeat five times the exercise.

Tips To Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Besides exercise for the eyes, you can also keep your eyes healthy by following these tips:

1. Routine Eye Exams

Even if you don’t feel your eyes have problems, you need a routine eye exam. For those with nearsightedness, a routine examination will help you check your glasses and adjust your glasses if needed.

2. Learn About Your Risk Of Eye Disease

To find out if you are at risk for eye disease, learn about your family’s history of eye diseases. Some eye diseases can be inherited, so you have a higher risk of getting these diseases if you have a close relative. Also, those with diabetes also have a higher risk of eye problems.

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3. Wear Sunglasses

Look for sunglasses that block UVA and UVB rays to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays from the road.

4. Healthy Diet

A diet full of good fat and antioxidants can help your eyes healthier. Vitamin A is also an essential nutrient for eye health, so eat lots of carrots to supplement this vitamin.

5. Wear Refractive Adjustment Glasses

Glasses that help to regulate eyesight are necessary if you have refractive problems such as nearsightedness or farsightedness. You will see better when you have glasses, and your eyes are not tired when to regulate too much.

6. Avoid Tobacco

Smoking is harmful to the whole body, including the eyes, so quit smoking if you are smoking and keep away from the smoke.

Eye exercises are simple but can help you reduce stress, work more effectively and make fewer errors and improve eye health. So, please take the time to exercise your eyes whenever possible.

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