exercises to get perfect shape


8 Exercises To Get Perfect Shape

Susan Wagner

exercises to get perfect shape

It is quite difficult to stay in shape and improve one’s health within the regimen that works best for them. Body weight exercises are secrets to stay in shape as these exercise use body weight a resistance without making use of any equipment. These exercises along with sensible eating are main ingredients to transform one’s body into the perfect shape.

Exercises To Get Perfect Shape

Exercise that helps get a perfect shape:

1. Pushups:

This exercise gets almost all muscles of the body into action and helps one stay in shape.

  • Lie on the abdomen, and place hands under the shoulder and position the feet apart.
  • Maintain plank position and the body should be in straight line from the back of the head to the hips.
  • Neck has to be kept in line with the shoulders, and one lower, elbows have to be kept close to the body.
2. Planks:

In the prone position, support the body with two legs and hands.

  • Put the hands under the shoulders with palms slightly apart and squeeze the gluteal muscles.
  • Keep the body in straight line and tighten to the core.
  • To maintain in this position fix the gaze on the floor.
3. Gluteal Bridge:
  • Lie on the back and place both feet on the floor with hip kept apart and toes pointing forward.
  • Contract the abdominal muscles and push through the heels and lift the hips off the floor.
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4. Lunge like a spider:
  • This exercise is to be performed by lying in the pushup position.
  • Bring the right foot to the outside of the right hand and land with the flat foot.
  • The foot is to be brought to the starting position and exercise is to get repeated on the other side.
  • This move is to be performed by holding a strong plank position at all times.
5. Squats:
  • Feet have to get positioned between the hip and shoulder positioned width apart.
  • Toes could be moved to accommodate flexibility and chest has to be kept tall.
  • Knees are to be in line with the toes and squats are too performed as one’s flexibility allows.
6. Squat jump:

While performing this exercise, it is important that one squat, until the thighs are parallel to the floor and chest, are kept up.

  • Hold the hands at the front while one squats and push them behind the back as one jump.
  • It is important to jump as high as one can and exhale while one jumps.
7. Jumping lunge:
  • Keep the knees at 90 degrees and lunge as low as one’s flexibility allows without getting the back to touch the floor.
  • Maintain a vertical torso and let weight get distributed evenly between the back and front foot.
  • Foot positioning has to be altered by jumping while front foot goes back and back goes front.
8. Side leg deadlift:
  • To do this exercise, maintain a flat back and keep the core tight.
  • Let weight get distributed evenly on the planted leg.
  • One leg has to get lifted straight behind and toes pointed down as one bends forward, hinging at the hips.
  • Bend as low as flexibility allows and pull oneself back to standing position by keeping the head neutral.
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