6 Exercises To Eliminate Back Fat, Beauty Vigour


6 Exercises To Eliminate Back Fat

Sara Kettler

6 Exercises To Eliminate Back Fat, Beauty Vigour

We will avoid injuries by adapting the intensity of the exercises to our abilities. And we will be constant to obtain results progressively.

When we talk about combating fat, we usually locate it in areas such as buttocks, abdomen, legs and arms. And yet we ignore a difficult area to work as is the back.

We can see that just under the bra, we can easily visualize the fat that accumulates in the back. But we should not worry because we can eliminate that fat, to be able to return to wearing beautiful tight dresses.

Exercises To Eliminate Back Fat

Today we will share with you some excellent exercises to eliminate back fat. Do not forget to include them in your daily routine to get the good results you expect.

1. Push-ups

Push-ups are one of the most used exercises of any sports routine. This exercise will help you lose the fat accumulated in your back. You must pay attention and keep the straight line from head to heels.

2. Plank or lateral plank
  • Stretch completely on the floor and lean on your left elbow so that it is just under the shoulder.
  • Once you get your posture, lift your hips off the floor by contracting your abdominal muscles, while keeping your body in a straight line.
  • Hold this position for 30 to 45 seconds and then rest.
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3. Exercise Ball
  • Put yourself face down on an exercise ball so that your chest is right in the center.
  • Keep your toes on the ground, while keeping your feet together.
  • Try to keep your balance.
  • Raise arm slowly and hold this position for 15 seconds.
4. Dumbbells

Choose a place where you can move freely.

  • Take a dumbbell of about 4 kilos each and keep your feet at hip height.
  • Bend your knees slightly and lean forward.
  • Raise the dumbbells to the shoulders. Repeat ten times.
5. Lateral Lift
  • Place the feet on the hips and hold a dumbbell in each hand.
  • Bend the knee and lower the upper part of the body at a 45º angle.
  • Keep the dumbbells parallel to the floor and lift them to both sides.
  • Try to keep the weights at shoulder level and lower slowly.
  • Repeat 2 times, a series of 12.
6. Cardiovascular exercise

Any good exercise routine should include cardiovascular exercise. It helps to fight fat and causes us to lose weight. You can go for a walk, run, ride a bike, jump rope, swim … In short, there are multiple possibilities and the more you increase the intensity of the exercises, the more calories you will burn.

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