tips and exercises to stay fit in office


11 Tips and Exercises to Stay Fit In Office

Melanie Yates

Here we share with you about some tips and office exercises that can do in the office. Exercise in the office may also be possible.

You already know some clever ways to stay active in the workplace. For example, climb the stairs rather than the elevator or escalator. As well as parking far away from the entrance and walk around the office are some great ways to start. Also, we share some tips and suggestions to make you stay active during work hours.

  1. Sit on an exercise ball rather of a chair. This helps to strengthen the abdominal and back and correct your posture without having to struggle.
  2. Set the alarm so that it rings every hour to remind you up and to move. Even to stretch the hand and to take a deep breath.
  3. Use the restroom on a different floor. To go to the toilet, use the stairs.
  4. Use a pedometer and record how many steps you’ve taken.
  5. Send document or order to a colleague manually rather than through e-mail or phone.
  6. Get a headset for your phone to move while talking.
  7. Collaborate with the nearby gym to provide membership discounts for employees.
  8. Organize or attend exercise classes like Zumba, yoga, pilates, aerobics and cardio exercise.
  9. Setting walks during lunch or after work.
  10. Give more time to rest during the day you do a brisk walk.
  11. Be more creative. Some movement is better than no movement. By inserting a light workout at certain times throughout the day will help you to burn calories and reduce stress.
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Also, there are three types of exercise you can practice if you have spare time.

Among the three types of simple exercises that are:
1. Make a Mini Gym Desk

You can find the appropriate furniture to use as exercise equipment. These exercises can do after working hours or on the breaks only.

  • Make dips with a chair or side table as equipment. Start by holding the side of a chair or table and bend while lowering the weight slowly. Hold for a few seconds and rise again.
  • While typing on a laptop, try to see what is under the table. You can try to lift objects using feet and repeat it.
  • The latter is a host of push-ups with your hands on the side propping up the table while lowering the body and push the body back to the original position.
2. Back Stretch using seat

For this exercise, you need a wheelchair and can swivel.

  • Put your hands on the table and gripping the table and push the seat back while stretching the head forward so that it is between your arms.
  • As you do this, look down at the floor. Gently pull them into the full stretch.
3. Keep your body posture
  • Place the keyboard at the appropriate level with you. Sitting with legs to bend and flex at an angle of 90 degrees and feet in a comfortable position on the floor.
  • Postural muscles weaken by a wrong poster because the accumulation of different muscles become tense. Therefore, tense muscles get a stretch, and weak muscles must tense.
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Therefore, it should note that regular exercising will have a positive impact on physical and mental health for the long term. Exercising also helps burn fat accumulated while eliminating cholesterol.

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