14 Best Essential Oils For Skin Care, Beauty Vigour

Skin Care

14 Best Essential Oils For Skin Care

Kathleen Hou

14 Best Essential Oils For Skin Care, Beauty Vigour

to help it always look perfect. So the properties of certain oils can be a great addition to your daily beauty regime. If you like natural products for the skin, you can not miss the best essential oils for the skin, with which you can combat any imperfection according to your skin type.

Essential Oils For Skin

Essential Oils For Wrinkles
1. Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood oil helps to coagulate the proteins found in the skin. So it protects the skin from abrasions, allergies, and other factors. Its astringent action also closes the pores and softens the skin and spots that appear because of the sun’s effect with age.

2. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

It is one of the best essential oils for wrinkles. Ylang Ylang has anti-inflammatory properties, so it will help to soothe redness and stimulate the growth of new cells.

3. Pomegranate Essential Oil

Pomegranate shell essence oil is an excellent ally to protect against the effects of UVA rays and fight against the action of free radicals on our skin.

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Essential Oils For Dry Skin

If the first signs of aging have not yet appeared, but, on the contrary, you tend to dry skin, here are the most suitable essential oils for your case:

4. Myrrh Essential Oil

Myrrh contains highly moisturizing properties, improving the condition of cracked skins, as well as preventing aging.

5. Palmarosa Essential Oil

This essential oil is perfect for retaining hydration on the face, preventing dry skin and some conditions such as psoriasis. Also, it is cytophilic, which means that it allows cell regeneration.

6. German Chamomile Essential Oil

It is ideal for repairing the dryness of the face, especially after contact with the sun. It is an excellent tonic with astringent properties. It is an excellent option to apply after laser hair removal on the upper lip or other areas of the face, as it will help to prevent redness and hydrates at the same time.

7. Rose Essential Oil

The effectiveness of rose essential oil as a bactericide in combination with its ability to eliminate scars and wounds in the epidermis makes it a perfect candidate for dry skin.

Essential Oils For Mixed And Sensitive Skin

Mixed skin, that which has some greasy areas while others appear dry, is the most difficult to treat, although it is not impossible at all. Try the best essential oils for mixed and sensitive skin, two skin types that deserve special care.

8. Orange Essential Oil

This essential oil helps relax the muscles of the skin, reduces inflammation and redness, and is ideal for combating dermatitis on the face.

9. Bergamot Essential Oil

Another citric on our list of best essential oils for ski is bergamot, as it is especially useful for skin with eczema. Even so, it is advisable to use it at night before going to bed, as it is phototoxic.

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10. Patchouli Essential Oil

The patchouli essential oil is used to treat many skin conditions such as eczema or dermatitis.

Essential Oils For Acne And Oily Skin

To finish our list, we will mention the best essential oils for acne and oily skin. These are products that will not leave the skin oily and will help to combat excess sebum and skin infections.

11. Tea Tree Essential Oil

One of the best essential oils for skin is tea tree oil. This old acquaintance increases the immunity of the epidermis and has antibacterial properties that make it especially useful to combat acne and redness.

12. Geranium Essential Oil

Ideal for preventing black spots. This essential oil will help to improve blood circulation and the distribution of melanin in the face. It is also suitable for removing scars from the pimples of the face.

13. Cypress Essential Oil

The essential oil of cypress has antiseptic properties, making it perfect for combating acne. Being astringent, it will close the pores and eliminate toxins.

14. Lime Essential Oil

Excellent to prevent bacterial infections. It is also perfect for returning the skin to its natural state when you have a wound. It fights acne and improves the luminosity of the skin. This oil is also phototoxic, so you should avoid sunbathing after its application.

Tips To Use Essential Oils For Skin

First of all, you must be very clear that, as in laser hair removal, each type of skin is different. So you will need the most suitable oil that suits your situation.

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The essential oils mentioned above and containing specific properties must mix with a base oil. Also called carrier oil, it will be the one you will use to dilute the essential oil of your choice.

The correct mixing measures are the following:

From 10 to 20 drops of specific essential oil per 1 tablespoon of base oil.

The carrier oil can also vary according to your skin type. Choose among the following:

Skin aging / with wrinkles: For mature skin, your ideal carrier oil will be jojoba oil.

Dry skin: if your skin is scaly and needs hydration, we recommend using the almond oil as a base.

Sensitive skin: Those skins that are prone to dermatitis or other skin diseases will take advantage of the properties of castor oil.

Oily Skin: Aargan oil is the perfect ally to prevent this type of skin.

When you buy essential oils, remember to look for pure oils, which will be labeled with their botanical name. It is also essential to avoid those brands that contain chemical agents.

Remember that you should store the mixture in a container that can be hermetically sealed, preferably a dropper bottle for ease of application, and store it in a warm temperature room and where do not touch the sun.

To apply it, you will only need to spread two drops of the resulting oil on the face, 3 or 4 at the most if you have dry skin.

Once you have chosen the best product for your skin type, you can start using it and achieve a clean, healthy, and hydrated complexion.

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