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10 Benefits of Drinking Ginger Water Every Day

Melanie Yates

Ginger is a popular plant in the culinary world. It is one of the leading spice options for foods all over the world. However, apart from making food spicy and delicious, ginger also has serious health benefits and advantages.

The use of ginger for medicinal purposes predates modern medicine. As a result, ginger is used in many forms to ensure that its health benefits are well-enjoyed. One of the forms in which ginger is used is Ginger Water. 

In this article, we will discuss the health benefits attached to drinking ginger water every day. 

Benefits of Drinking Ginger Water Every Day

Ginger and ginger water has a lot of benefits for the human body. However, as with other forms of herbal medicine, there is limited research into the benefits of ginger water. Therefore, the benefits explained in this article are backed by limited medical evidence. The benefits are as follows;


Inflammation is one of the ways the human body preserves itself. However, it is not supposed to be too much. Poor diets, germs, and harmful diets, however, increase the rate of inflammation in the body. Therefore, many people suffer from chronic inflammation due to their lifestyle.

Ginger water has been proven as one of the ways to combat inflammation in the body. Medical research showed that people who take ginger water as supplements every day have less muscle pain after working out. Muscle pain is caused by inflammation. 

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Works as an Antioxidant

As with inflammation, oxidation is an average human condition. The body naturally produces reactive oxygen species, also known as ROS. However, lifestyle choices such as drinking large quantities of alcohol, smoking, and experiencing chronic stress increase the production of ROS in the body.

anti oxidant

Therefore, taking foods with an anti-oxidant effect helps fight off the negative effects of too much ROS in the body. Ginger water is one of the drinks with effective anti-oxidant functions. 

Some of the negative effects of ROS in the body include kidney failure, tumors, and some types of cancer. Medical research shows the ginger water helps reduce the rate of kidney failure while another showed that ginger water could control the growth of some types of cancer. 

Relieves Nausea

Ginger has been used as the cure for nausea for centuries before the development of modern medical practices. However, recently, medical researches show that the use of ginger to treat nausea works.

This research showed that water with one or two grams of ginger in it helps treat several symptoms of nausea. While the research is still ongoing to review the effect of ginger on other types of stomach upset, it is safe to conclude ginger water helps treat nausea. 

Helps Prevent Diabetes

It has been proven that taking ginger lemon water every day helps lower the effects of diabetes and kidney failure. This research showed that ginger has a rich source of zinc which is essential in the production of insulin. Another study also found that ginger increases fasting blood sugar in people with diabetes. 

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Helps with Weight Loss

When used with a healthy diet and regular exercise, the use of ginger water daily helps to accelerate the rate of weight loss.

study that reviewed the effect of ginger water on rats, showed that ginger suppressed obesity in the rats despite being on high fat diets.

Another research confirmed that men who took hot ginger beverages after eating stayed full for a longer period, thus reducing their appetite. With a reduced appetite, the chances of overeating, which causes obesity, are reduced. 

Another way through which ginger water recipe ensures weight loss is by regulating blood sugar. High blood sugar causes increased appetite which results in overeating. Ginger water also assists the absorption of fat in the body. 

Healthy Hair and Skin

By taking ginger water every day, your body gets to benefit from the rich deposits of antioxidants and vitamins in ginger. The combination of antioxidants and vitamins results in an increased glow on your skin.

The high deposits of Vitamins A and C also improve the texture of your hair. Finally, there are antibacterial properties that prevent the breakout of skin diseases. 

Prevents Nervous Disorders such as Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a popular nervous disorder, especially among people in their old age. Experts have described it as a progressive neurodegenerative disorder that deals with the central nervous system in the body.

This means that the disease is caused by the degeneration of brain cells and other cells in the nervous system. This degeneration is caused by oxidation and inflammation processes.

Ginger has been proven to be an effective anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. By taking ginger water every day, you give your body a fighting chance against the degenerative actions of oxidation. 

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This is the most obvious benefit of taking ginger water. The benefits of hydration for the human body are numerous and cannot be treated in this article. We can only explain that almost every human body process benefits from enough water content in the body.

Therefore, by taking ginger water recipe every day, the body doesn’t only benefit from the embedded nutrients, you also supply your body with enough water for healthy operation. 

Reduces Cholesterol

There is medical evidence that points to the fact that ginger water can reduce the negative effects of cholesterol in the body. The result of this action is to reduce the probability of heart disease occurring. Other markers of heart disease that ginger water also controls include arginase activity, and triglycerides. 

Aids Digestion

Apart from helping to relieve nausea, ginger water helps with the digestion process in the body. It helps calm the stomach and prevent any form of unwanted regurgitation or upset in the stomach. By taking ginger water every day before or after your meal, you help your body, especially the stomach handle the process of digestion without any problem. 


Ginger water is one of the forms through which people take ginger for beneficial health purposes. In this article, we examined some of the reasons why you should consider taking ginger water every day.  

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