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Why You Shouldn’t Drink Prune Juice to Lose Weight

Sara Kettler

Weight loss is one of the leading buzzwords in the health and wellness industry for a while now. While the world has been treated to the health benefits of weight loss, many people have been introduced to ways and methods of losing weight.

Some of these methods are healthy and approved by health practitioners, the others; not so much. However, the most prominent problem is how many of the healthy and unhealthy weight loss methods don’t seem to work.

In this article, we will discuss the efficacy of prune juice in weight loss and why you shouldn’t drink prune juice for weight loss.

Weight Loss and Dietary Changes

A quick review of the weight loss program that many people are currently undergoing will show a plethora of pills, concoctions, drugs, and even unconventional practices. Gone are the days when exercise and dieting were the sole practices for weight loss.

Almost every day, people seeking to lose weight are introduced to a “tested and trusted” method or product for losing weight. While some of these products and practices work, the irony is that dietary changes are one of the simplest ways of achieving weight loss.

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Now, these dietary changes don’t refer to dieting or starving yourself. It simply means effecting certain changes in your daily diet to lose weight healthily. More specifically, it refers to the inclusion of certain food items in your diet.

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These food items come with immense amounts of nutrients that do not only help you achieve weight loss, but also make sure your body doesn’t lose essential nutrients while losing weight. 

By food items, we are not only talking about solid food items. Drinks and food in liquid form such as juices are also included. One of the leading juices with the ability to help you healthily lose weight is prune juice.

Prune Juice and its Wight Loss Prowess

Before we continue, it is important to make a disclaimer. Taking prune juice is an excellent way to lose weight but it doesn’t guarantee weight loss all by itself. This means that taking prune juice alone will not help you lose weight.

Prune juice works in combination with other weight loss practices such as exercise, healthy diets, and many others. Therefore, to get the best out of the prune juice, you need to include it in your weight loss program and not depend on it entirely.

Another important point that we should make going forward is that there is no medical evidence linking prune juice with weight loss.

It is only believed to work effectively for weight loss based on reports by people who have incorporated the juice into the weight loss regimen. The possible explanation for this is the fact that prune juice works majorly as a laxative.

This means that the juice helps with bowel movement and ensures the easy disposal of waste and unwanted materials from the body. With this ability, the use of prune juice reduces the stress and workload on other body organs whose primary function is to flush out toxins.

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This allows the body organs to concentrate on burning fat and producing energy, a process that accelerates the weight loss process.

How Does Prune Juice Work

The ability of prune juice to work as a laxative is dependent on its sorbitol content. Sorbitol is a type of sugar found in alcohol. However, this doesn’t mean that prune juice is alcoholic or contains alcohol. It does.

The presence of sorbitol makes it possible for the juice to draw excess water from the body into the large intestines. This drawing of water into the intestines causes bowel movement that eventually results in the elimination of wastes from the body.

However, apart from sorbitol, prune juice contains other essential nutrients that are useful to the body. These nutrients include fiber potassium and antioxidants. Fiber is a very important nutrient as it affects many body processes.

These processes range from digestion to excretion. It also helps to suppress appetite as food containing fiber tends to keep the stomach filled for a long time. This means that when you drink prune juice, you need not snack between meals and this is an effective way of reducing body weight.

How to Use Prune Juice for Weight Loss

There are many ways through which you can adopt prune juice into your weight loss program. One of them is substituting prune juice for your snack cravings.

Prune juice contains natural sugar which means that you can take it in place of your snacks or sugary drinks.

You should, however, ensure that the prune juice you get is 100% natural. Some brands add refined sugars to their prune juice. Some also mix the prune juice with other fruit juices.

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prune juice for weight

Another way to adopt prune juice for weight loss is to avoid its excess intake. As much as the juice is healthier than the majority of other juices, its excess usage is dangerous to your health. A cup of prune juice contains 182 calories.

Taking 5 cups of the juice in a day stuffs your body with about 1000 calories. This is bad for your health, especially when you are trying to lose weight. 

You should also avoid excessive intake because the juice is a laxative. Taking laxatives in excess can rid your body of needed nutrients and causes serious damage to your body organs. Ideally, you should not take more than two cups of prune juice in a day.


Healthy weight loss is very important for a healthy body and it has been proven that prune juice could help you achieve this weight loss.

However, the reason why you should not drink prune juice to lose weight is that, on its own, prune juice doesn’t help you lose weight.

It works as a laxative and drinking it in excess to lose weight only puts you in harm.

The only way prune juice helps you lose weight is when it is incorporated into your weight loss program.  

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