3 Day Pineapple Detox Diet For Weight Loss, Beauty Vigour


3 Day Pineapple Detox Diet For Weight Loss

Kristina Rodulfo

3 Day Pineapple Detox Diet For Weight Loss, Beauty Vigour

The bad eating habits of today cause us to overload our body forcing it to eliminate toxins, trapped in the bloodstream and causing damage to many organs of the body; Luckily we have a fruit that will help us to stay detoxified and healthy.

How Pineapple Helps To Detox Body

Pineapple is a fruit that contains many properties and benefits for the proper functioning of the organism. It is excellent for cleaning the liver, pancreas, and kidneys, helping us to burn fat because of its high content of vitamin C and its diuretic and depurative properties that support weight loss.

The Pineapple diet is an excellent alternative to detoxify the body after some food excesses and to lower a few pounds quickly. You only have to incorporate this fruit in every meal of the day, you will love it.

Day #1 


Start your day eating two slices of organic pineapple with toasted bread, you can smear it with low sugar jam.


200 grams of chicken breast grilled with spices to taste and two slices of fresh pineapple.You can substitute the chicken for fish according to your preference.


A portion of 200 gr natural grilled tuna with a tablespoon of olive oil spiced to taste and two slices fresh pineapple.

Day #2


Two slices of pineapple with a piece of wholemeal bread smeared with low -fat cheese.


200 g serving of grilled salmon with a tablespoon of olive oil and pinch of salt and pepper. For dessert eat two slices of pineapple. The salmon can replace with grilled fillet of veal.

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Prepare a vegetable cream with vegetable tonics such as artichokes, celery, leek and asparagus salad or alternate it with a lettuce, pineapple and diced chicken breast. For dessert 2 or 3 slices of natural pineapple.

Day #3

Simply repeat the recommended menus in previous days, try to follow the diet and lose 2 to 4 kilos in just four days.


To reduce hunger anxiety between meals, it recommended to drinking pineapple infusions or pineapple skim yogurt.

You must take into account that as the pineapple is very low in calories, you can not exceed in prolonged diets, thus avoid nutritional deficiencies that affect our organism.

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