How To Use Coconut Oil For Nits

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How To Use Coconut Oil For Nits

Sara Kettler

I’ll give you a solution to use with natural agents based on coconut oil and that your child does not scratch his head anymore. Here you will learn how to use coconut oil for nits.

One of the benefits of coconut oil is to eliminate nits. It can also prevent the appearance of nits.

According to studies, it is more efficient in comparison to chemical products. Although you do not believe it and this is due to how the coconut is mainly composed.

The good thing about this is it does not damage the scalp or irritate it as it usually does a commercial lotion that you can buy in a Pharmacy.

  • Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Thin metal combs
  • Bathing cap or towel
How to use:
  • Apply Virgin coconut oil to dry hair. You have to apply in abundant quantity.
  • Now wrap your hair in the towel or bathing cap, so that the heat generating in the head activates its components better.
  • Let it act all night (I recommend adding a pillowcase not to stain it).
  • Comb your hair with a thin metal comb. With this you will have the possibility of removing lice eggs and the remains of nits.

The recipe for the conditioner to remove nits

  • Three small spoons of coconut oil
  • A spoonful of tea tree oil
  • A spoonful of anise essential oil
How to use:
  • Mix the ingredients that I mentioned earlier for the lotion
  • Apply to your dry hair
  • You should begin applying from the scalp to the tips of your hair
  • Now cover your hair with a towel or a hat
  • Let act for three hours
  • Expose in front of the sun for 20 minutes (if you can not use a hairdryer)
  • Then, remove the hat and comb your hair to remove all insects
  • Rinse your hair by massaging with fingertips
  • Dry until moist
  • Now apply Apple Cider Vinegar with Water on both the scalp and hair
  • Repeat this procedure every 5 days, and you will forget the nits and lice.
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