15 Benefits Of Taking 1 Tablespoon Of Coconut Oil Everyday

Melanie Yates

It may sound a little terrifying to eat a tablespoon of unrefined coconut oil every day. But your taste buds will become accustomed in no time at all, and the benefits of this habit will be incredible.

The idea is to make your consumption a real habit. You can start with 1 tablespoon per day and increase to 4, most recommended amount.

Benefits Of Taking 1 Tablespoon Of Coconut Oil Everyday

1. Weight Loss

Coconut oil speeds up metabolism, helps to decrease appetite, improves digestion, enhances the ability to absorb nutrients from all ingested foods, and balances hormones. Combining coconut oil with healthy eating and physical exercise contributes to weight loss.

2. Increase the ability to build muscles

Eating a spoonful of coconut oil before practicing any strength training will provide more energy and endurance to your body and a better result in building muscles.

3. Decrease cravings for eating crap

Another strong benefit of coconut oil is the ability to eliminate unhealthy desires, which improves digestion and intake of nutrients by the body.

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4. Improve digestion

Coconut oil helps to improve your digestion. And it eliminates the overgrowth of harmful bacteria and microbes of the digestive tract which are the leading cause of poor digestion.

5. Appetite regulation

Coconut oil has the power to improve blood sugar levels and improve digestion, regulating appetite and contributing to healthy weight loss.

6. Improve memory and concentration

Consuming coconut oil helps to improve memory and concentration. The food is rich in medium chain triglycerides and these, in turn, are responsible for providing energy to the brain.

7. Aid in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases

As coconut oil has positive effects on the brain, this helps to ward off and treat neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease.

8. Prevention and treatment of urinary tract infections

Urinary tract infections can cause by low water consumption. Allying a regular consumption of 1 tablespoon of coconut oil every day can prevent and treat infections since this food is a powerful natural antibiotic.

9. Treat Bad Breath

Coconut oil helps to kill the bacteria that cause bad breath. And therefore it can be a great ally for those who suffer from this evil.

To maximize effects, hold the oil in the mouth for about 30 seconds before swallowing.

10. Dental bleaching

The same bacteria that cause bad breath can leave the teeth with a yellowish color. Consumption of coconut oil helps to keep your teeth pearly, shiny and healthy.

11. Hydration of the lips

In this case, apply a small amount to the fingertips and pass it on the lips.

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12. Improve cardiovascular health

Middle-chain triglycerides help to increase good cholesterol, known as HDL. As HDL increases, chances of all forms of heart disease decrease.

13. Treat Arthritis

As a powerful antibiotic and anti-inflammatory, coconut oil helps in the treatment of arthritis. And coconut oil improves the absorption of vitamins A and E, rich in calcium and magnesium and beneficial for the bones and joints.

14. Decrease seizures or seizures in children

The increase in ketones (oxidized secondary alcohols) that occurs in our body when we ingest coconut oil does something incredible. It helps to decrease the frequency of seizures or seizures in children.

15. Improvement of body odor

Body odor can trigger by a combination of factors such as poor diet, stress, hormonal imbalances and accumulation of residual toxins.

As coconut oil has a positive impact on all aspects of your health, eating coconut oil every day can result in an improvement in body odor.

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