How To Choose Right Makeup Colors For Your Skin Tone, Beauty Vigour

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How To Choose Right Makeup Colors For Your Skin Tone

Kristina Rodulfo

How To Choose Right Makeup Colors For Your Skin Tone, Beauty Vigour

Hard to find out which makeup colors are right for you? Read our guide here and get inspiration on how to choose right makeup colors for your skin tone.

Right Makeup Colors For Your Skin Tone

You probably know the feeling of standing in the store and believe in the glory of colored makeup that is bidding – yet end up buying the usual black mascara and neutral lip gloss because you’re not quite sure what colors to choose.

But you can learn to use colors in the makeup. When you want to have a color in the face, it is just about considering two things: Partly what colors you have from nature’s hand and partly what effect you want to achieve with your color choice!

The first step to beautiful, colored makeup is that you find out where on the color scale you are with your unique combination of skin, hair and eye color. Are you naturally equipped with cold or warm colors?

Once you have found your skin color, we have here gathered tips for which colors you can choose with the advantage when it comes to makeup.

Makeup For Warm Skin Tones

If you belong to those whose color combination is predominantly warm colored, you will achieve the most natural result if you choose eye shadow, blush and lipstick in a color that also has warm undertones.

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For example, try:

  • Eye shadow in rust colors, yellow-brown and golden tones, peach, copper, and warm yellow, khaki, and moss green colors discreetly complement your colors.
  • Rouge gives the most natural glow to your face if you choose the brownish, peach and reddish-brown shades.
  • Lipstick in light peach, coral-colored, mocha-colored, orange-brown and golden beige beautifully highlights your lips.
A Dramatic Look For Warm Skin Tones

If you want a dramatic look, choose colors that contrast with your natural colors – that is, all the cold colors. Be careful not to experiment with your blusher. It makes you easily look sick. But you can successfully use blue, cool green and pink colors to create a striking look where you make your eyes or your lips pop.

Be careful – especially daily! If you become too violent with the colors, you look like a color scheme. But do with care and consideration, you can quickly get the fresh look with the contrasting colors.

Makeup For Cold Skin Tones

If you have a cold skin tone, choose cool colors to get a natural look that blends in and supports your natural colors.

For example, try:

  • Eye shadow in flower-colored, gray-blue, dark gray, light brown, green, all kinds of blue, purple, pink, delicate, cool light yellow and silver – they will dress you!
  • Rouge: Think about how your cheeks look when you go out in the frosty weather and choose colors that resemble them, such as pink, flower-colored and brownish pink.
  • Lipstick in cool red colors, flower color, all kinds of pink and cool brownish colors are adorable – but avoid lipsticks that have orange tones!
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A Dramatic Look For Cold Skin Tones

If you want a dramatic look, choose colors from the opposite scale, that is, all the warm colors. For example try with warm brown colors, coral and gold. They make eyes and lips pop out. But be careful not to use them on your cheeks – they can make you look sick rather than healthy.

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