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A Review for Celebration Herbals Organic Parsley Leaf Tea

Leah Marie

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Drinking parsley tea has many health benefits. People have been drinking this herbal remedy for years. Today with so many options available it is hard to choose which one is best for you. With price, quality of tea, quality of packaging, and availability to consider it is a wonder anyone can choose at all.

            Celebration Herbals Parsley Tea is an all-organic option. This tea is caffeine-free. The box states that it is certified organic. The company claims to have an audit trail from the the field to the store to ensure their claims to being organic.

            The packaging is also eco-friendly. The tea bags are chlorine-free. They also do not have strings or staples. The boxed itself is made from 100% recycled cardboard. The company also uses a resealable bag to keep the tea as fresh as possible.

  Many happy customers have reviewed this tea. With statements such as “I have it in the mornings and nights. It is a mild flavour and quite pleasant.

They come in two zip bags of induvidual tea bags, no string, which is perfectly fine with me”, and “Got this because I read it helps with people who retain water (Swelling). It works! You have to drink it every day, but it taste like regular hot tea so it isn’t bad” taking a chance purchasing this tea seems like an excellent choice.

The only negative reviews were of for that of taste. Parsley tea is not the most delicious tea. It is ingested for its medicinal properties. However, there were plenty of excellent reviews on taste and very few negative.

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If you are buying in the U.S. not all stores may carry this. It is easiest to purchase online. As the company’s website does not sell directly Amazon is the best place to purchase this products. Amazon sells this product for the low price of $13.01. The product comes with 48 satchels of tea (2 boxes of 24).

Follow link here for product from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Celebration-Herbals-Organic-Parsley-Caffeine/dp/B06XG1KQWJ

When choosing something for your body buying organic is always the better choice. Knowing where the products you put in and on your body come from is just as important. This company keeps records and certifies that the product is exactly what it says it is.

Celebration Herbals Parsley Tea is an excellent choice for someone looking for an excellent parsley tea.

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