10 Minute Body Transformation Workout, Beauty Vigour


10 Minute Body Transformation Workout

Melanie Yates

10 Minute Body Transformation Workout, Beauty Vigour

Unfortunately, there is no significant red button written “Easy” to transform your body. Body transformation workout requires effort and dedication. A 10-minute workout, when often done, can be the key to success.

The 10-minute Body transformation workout you’ll meet today can do at home, in the gym, in a hotel room, in the park or anywhere.

This functional routine designed to maximize your activity.

One of the most significant advantages of this 10-minute body transformation workout is that the exercises do not need any equipment. All you need to use is your body weight.

Besides to strengthening muscles, this workout improves endurance and burn calories.

10 Minute Body Transformation Workout

Ready to meet this fantastic 10-minute body transformation workout with only eight moves? See how easy it is!

Heating – 1 Minute
  • Do a few jacks, butt kicks or high knees for 1 minute to warm up.
Squats – 25 movements
  • Keep your feet apart at hip width and extend your arms forward.
  • Bend your knees; keep your weight on your heels while lowering it as if you are sitting down.
  • Keep your arms straight for stability and return to the starting position.
Push-ups – 10 movements
  • Lie on your back with your arms flexed on the floor at shoulder height and your feet resting on the tips.
  • Lift your body by stretching your arms and leaving your toes on the ground, always with a straight body.
  • Return to starting position.
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Triceps using chair – 10 movements
  • Put a chair on the wall and keep your back to it.
  • Make movements as if you are going to sit on the chair, but position yourself so that only your hands touch the chair and support them.
  • Bend your elbows to crouch down toward the floor but do not touch it with your buttocks.
  • Then return to the home position.
Sit-ups – 25 movements
  • Bend your knees and lie on the floor and your firm on the floor.
  • Place your hands behind your head with your elbows relaxed pointing out and keep your head relaxed.
  • Using the muscles of the central part of the trunk, raise your body, so that keep your legs and feet in the same place and then lower again.
Deep squats – 10 movements for each leg
  • Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Take one step forward with one of your legs. Lower your hips and bend your knees to a 90-degree angle.
  • Maintain this position for 5 seconds. Then return to the starting position.
  • Do ten repetitions for each leg, and always alternate the movements.
Sumo squats – 10 movements
  • Keep your legs apart and let your feet outward at a 45-degree angle.
  • Bend your knees to make a squat while keeping your back straight and chest upright.
  • Return to the starting position.
Board – 10 movements
  • Stand in plank position and hold for 10 seconds.

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