16 Mistakes in Washing Your Hair, Beauty Vigour

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16 Mistakes in Washing Your Hair

Leah Marie

16 Mistakes in Washing Your Hair, Beauty Vigour

We tell you the mistakes when washing hair and we help you solve them today. The shower is one of the most comforting moments in the life of every human being. However, women should pay close attention to the way they wash their hair since that depends on the development of each day’s hairstyle. Here are the hair washing mistakes that you should know.

Mistakes in Washing Your Hair

1. Washing Your Hair Daily

Do not wash your hair every day. Why? Because it dries out and weakens you, then you begin to notice hair with more frizz, with less shine and more prone to fall everywhere in any place.

2. Take Showers With Hot Water

You should know that hot water opens the hair cuticle, as it does with the pores of the skin, so the ice water will close your cuticle not to allow it to become dirty or weak.

It is essential that do not take showers that are completely hot and if you do, rinse your hair with cold water then to seal it.

3. Untangle The Hair

In this section, we agglutinate two quite frequent errors. To begin with, we must untangle our hair out of the shower and not with the water falling on our heads, as it becomes more brittle and brittle. Neither we can dry our hair with our towel in a violent way, because it irritates the scalp and will break us more easily.

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4. Bad Washing Technique

Without realizing it, from small, we learn a form of hair washing that we maintain throughout our growth as a human being. Even, it seems to us a regular action in the washing of hair to make circular movements with our hands all over the head, but we do not know that we are doing it wrong.

Most hair treatment experts agree that the best way to wash your hair is to use the shampoo from the top of your head and expand the foam – with emphasis on the scalp – to the rest of all your hair. Make it serene, with delicacy and without trouble.

Then apply the conditioner gently to the tips, without touching the roots. No sudden movements are necessary on the scalp. You can leave it for a few seconds for the product to do its job well.

For very long hair, apply the conditioner from the middle to the ends. When finished, remove the product with plenty of water until you feel you have no foam in your hair.

5. Massage With Nails

When the water falls on our hair, we often make a fatal mistake. We rub the nails in the center of the head. The nails damage the capillary structure and deform the tips. Be gentle with your hair when you wash it you can massage it with your fingers.

6. Washing Hair With Soap

It is in disuse, but there are a few who do not stop doing it without foreseeing the consequences. A tendency that threatens hair care is to use soap during bathing. Not only is it harmful, but it can produce severe alterations in the Ph of your scalp.

The reason is that the formulas with which soaps made for the skin of the body and are not the most effective for hair care.

Of course, some exceptions hardly become the norm or the latest fashion cry. These are women who wash their hair with purely medicinal soaps, most of the time prescribed under the supervision of a dermatologist or a doctor specialized in hair treatment.

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7. Rinse Hair For A Long Time

Sometimes we have the curious feeling that the hair still has foam, and therefore we stayed under the shower for a while.

8. Wash The Hair Very Hard

Say no to brute force and yes to technique! If at the time of washing your hair you concentrate only on the tips, they will weaken and open quickly. So, it is best to take care to clean our scalp first and then go to the tips to wash them, but above all to condition them.

9. Do Not Comb The Hair Before Shampooing

One of the most common mistakes is not to comb your hair before washing your hair. Before washing the hair, the hair should comb.

First of all, it will help to eliminate hair that has fallen or broken, and wet hair is more delicate than dry hair, so unraveling it before washing prevents damage. Second, it will automatically save you from committing the second error.

10. Combing Wet Hair

Many cause significant damage to the hair when combing them wet. Wet hair is prone to combing injuries: they decompose and spread, making the hair more porous and weaker. Being weaker is more prone to falling.

11. Remains of Shampoo On Scalp

It is a mistake that goes unnoticed, especially if we are sure that we use plenty of water during the shower. Without noticing it, it happens that you leave the bathroom with residues that do not help the hair care.

When the hair dries, these residues mistreat the scalp. To avoid making that mistake, make sure all the products you used for hair care in the shower wholly removed when washing the hair. Not only it is necessary to use a lot of water, but you can also help your scalp by massaging your fingertips.

A clear signal – which tells you that the waste is no longer in your hair – is when your tips grind. If you listen to that particular sound, congratulations, you did it well.

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12. We Choose The Shampoo Badly

One of the most common mistakes is to get carried away by the supermarket offers to buy the shampoo, bad! We have to know what kind of hair we have and what their specific needs are. From there, we will choose one or another brand.

13. Always Use the Same Shampoo

While we always have a preference for what is already known because we know it is something that works for us. It works well and does not hurt us more. Sometimes it is necessary to change and break the routine, especially with hair.

It is advisable to use a different shampoo at least once every 3 weeks to wash the residues of the previous product.

14. 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner

It is, without a doubt, another most common mistakes. To save time and money, we choose to buy a 2 in 1 shampoo. Products that use two functions in one do not usually give good results. So, we recommend that you only use it when you have to go on a trip.

15. Skip the conditioner

Although since ancient times its use has been discouraged because it is possible to cause dandruff. The truth is that it can only give you dandruff if you forget to wash your hair with enough water. On the contrary, using conditioner will give your hair softness and shine.

16.Dry Your Hair With A Towel

After washing your hair, carefully wrap the towel in wet hair so that it absorbs water. It is not recommended to make a kind of turban to dry the hair, you can damage the follicles. If you want the hair to dry faster, you can use a cotton shirt in the same way.

Avoid these mistakes that make when washing the hair and instead help it to nourish with fortifying masks so that it does not lose its humidity.

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