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5 Best Parsley Tea Brands of 2022

Sara Kettler

            Did you know that parsley is incredible for your health? Well, it absolutely is! Parsley tea is probably one of the easiest ways to get the benefits of this amazing herb.

From help with weight loss to vitamin c and antioxidants, parsley is an excellent herb to have around the house. Here are 5 of the top products you can use to make an excellent parsley tea.

Celebration Herbal Organic Parsley Tea #1

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            This wonderful tea is certified organic. The beautiful packaging it comes in is also made from 100% recycled cardboard.

The satchels on the inside are chlorine-free. This amazing product is available online and at an affordable price. Not only is it affordable, but you get 48 tea bags! That is amazing, and so is the taste!

Alvita Organic Parsley Tea #2

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            Alvita organic parsley tea is coming in at #2. This beautiful tea is USDA organic. The packaging is made from recycled material. The satchels are oxygen bleached instead of chlorine. Available in-store and online. Staying healthy can be convenient and affordable.

Florida Herbs Parsley Tincture #3

            Tinctures are amazing tools in the health arsenal. You can make a delicious tea using this organic plant magic. Tinctures are more concentrated than just tea satchels. So it would make a deliciously strong cup of tea. This could also be used in salves, creams, or food. This wonderful tincture is also available online and in-store.

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Pure Parsley Flakes #4

Parsley Flakes (1 lb), Rich-in-Flavor & High-in-Nutrients, Heart Healthy, Eco-Friendly Packaging

            Pure parsley flakes are of high quality and are organic. Purchasing the flakes can be a little more versatile than just the tea bags. You can use the flakes to season foods as well as make a delicious tea. This particular brand comes in a resealable 1 pound bag. Not only is it a 1 pound bag but it is also relatively inexpensive. Available online and in-store as well.

Finally, Seedra Parsley Seeds #5

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            You can go out and buy all the tea bags or tinctures you want. Why wouldn’t you just purchase the seeds to grow the amazing herb yourself? With Seedra parsley seeds you get 300 seeds per bag. That is a lot of parsley plants!

You can grow them outside or indoors if you choose. You could have fresh parsley all year long! Fresh parsley you grew yourself. You can make fresh parsley tea anytime you want. These amazing seeds are available online or in-store to keep them convenient.


            No matter how you choose to purchase your parsley, be it tea bags, tinctures, flakes, or just grow your own this powerful herb should be a staple in your healthy diet. These wonderful companies are doing their best to make sure you get top-quality products for the best price. Also, so that you can get them at your convenience. Now that you have read my top 5 parsley recommendations make sure you go out there and try one, or all of them!

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