Best Beauty Tips for Dry Skin

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10 Best Beauty Tips for Dry Skin

Beth Mole

Dry skin is essentially problematic out of all existing skin types as it requires regular and constant moisturizing. These moisturizers for dry skin are to be oily enough to avoid skin from getting dry up. It is also good not to use soaps on such skin types but use only hydrating face washes for dry skin. Dry skin required additional attention during winter season as skin dries up and dead layers comes off. Most skin care products that help deal dry skin are quite expensive. But you could beautify yourself and get relief from dry skin by provoking the beautician in you with the help of our proven and useful beauty tips for dry skin.

10 Best Beauty Tips for Dry Skin

1. After shower care for skin:

Those with dry skin should not rub dry themselves with the help of a towel, instead should pat themselves dry to remove excess water, this would leave the skin supple and soft.

This also decreases the risk of skin irritation. Once you are done with bath, moisturize the skin with the help of a good moisturizing lotion, which helps to retain the natural moisture of the skin.

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2. Choose a good moisturizer:

Choose a moisturizing lotion that is made of skin friendly ingredients such as dimethicone, which has silicon that traps moisture. Other dry skin friendly ingredients are petroleum jelly, hyaluronic acid and mineral oils.

3. Honey pack for face:

Honey is an excellent treatment for dry skin as it smoothens out the skin off wrinkles and renders it soft and silky.

  • Mix honey with little orange juice and rub it over the skin for ten minutes, wash off for a soft and supple face.
4. Egg pack:

Eggs are not just good sources of protein, but their ingredients are good for a healthy skin.

To make an efficient egg pack,

  • Take an egg and remove the white of the egg.
  • Mix the egg yolk with a spoon of orange juice, spoon of olive oil, rose water, castor oil and honey.
  • Mix few drops of fresh lime juice with the mixture.
  • Mix thoroughly and apply everyday morning before shower.
5. Mask with besan flour:

Besan helps hydrates dry skin and removes wrinkles and fine lines off the skin.

  • Mix besan flour with turmeric, milk and honey.
  • Apply the pack on the face by mixing with few drops of lime juice.
  • Apply over the face and rinse off after 20 minutes with warm water.
6. Mango mask:
  • Separate mango pulp from skin and smash it in a mixer.
  • Mix it with a tablespoon of honey and add three spoons of olive oil in the mixture.
  • Apply the mask over the face and wash off after an hour for glowing skin.
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7. Anti-aging products:

Do not use anti-aging products for dry skin, if you are to use them, choose those that are free of retinoid or AHA as they could irritate the already dry skin.

8. Fish oil:

For a healthy skin that glows from within, eat healthy and consume fish oil supplements such as cod liver oil capsules for a soothing and supple skin.

9. Care for hands and feet:

Take extra care for hands and feet over winter season with the help of moisturizers specifically designed for dry skin.

10. Care for lips:

Lips are prone for chapping during winters and thus need a good lip scrub to exfoliate and get nourished. Homemade lip scrub pack made of sugar and lemon would be perfect.

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