12 Benefits of Practicing Qigong for Your Health, Beauty Vigour


12 Benefits of Practicing Qigong for Your Health

Melanie Yates

12 Benefits of Practicing Qigong for Your Health, Beauty Vigour

Qigong is an ancient Chinese system of exercises and meditative practices. It restores a balance between mind and spirit. Also, it improves the physical parameters, health, promotes mental well-being and prolongs life. There are three types of Qigong practices – spiritual, physical and healing.

Many studies have confirmed the ability of Qigong practitioners to treat many diseases. It includes cancer and cardiovascular dysfunction.

Following are the most important advantages of this universal system:
  1. Qigong has a beneficial effect on mental well-being and improves health. Qigong considers a person in the total of all its components as a single system. Despite the fact that with the help of Qigong it is possible to treat many ailments.. it is still not the main and not the only motive for getting involved in practice. Qigong will not only prolong your life but will fill every day with its meaning.
  2. Qigong restores mental balance and calms the mind. It is in this state that we can perceive the harmony of the world around us. The source of calmness and balance us in this exercise. Only in this state can we bring harmony into the world of other people. Only in this state can we make effective decisions, act when necessary. We can refrain from any actions when circumstances so require.
  3. Qigong has a beneficial effect on sleep, makes it full and healthy. You can achieve the necessary physical and mental relaxation.
  4. Qigong increases the level of vital energy. It has a beneficial effect on reproductive functions in both men and women. Practicing Qigong helps you look younger as the skills help to redistribute energy.
  5. Qigong improves heat exchange in the body. People suffering from the “cold hands and feet” symptom get benefited by it. Healthy blood circulation gets restored, and the body generates enough heat. It is especially important during the cold period.
  6. Qigong has a beneficial effect on the skin condition. The skin, like the intestine, carries out the deducing of the purifying functions. According to Chinese, qigong intensifies elimination of toxins from the body. Thus it improves the skin condition.
  7. Qigong has a positive effect on the emotional state. As the Tibetans say – “Yoga can be learned from laughter.” The same is true of practicing qigong. On practicing Qigong, it generates optimistic and joyful disposition of the spirit.
  8. Qigong improves metabolism, as does digestion. Hair and nails begin to grow faster, and their condition becomes excellent.
  9. Qigong increases physical parameters of the body and normalizes breathing. The pulse, pressure, hormonal background comes in pace with the body. Also, it suppresses the inflammatory processes.
  10. Qigong gives eyes a unique luster. They say that the radiance of the soul and heartbreaks out.
  11. Qigong improves intuition and improves creativity.
  12. Qigong enriches the spiritual experience. Long-term studies of qigong give experiences of unique conditions. Synchronization, meaningful coincidences get a permanent and stable character.
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