25 Benefits of Pomegranate on the Body, Beauty Vigour


25 Benefits of Pomegranate on the Body

Susan Wagner

25 Benefits of Pomegranate on the Body, Beauty Vigour

The miracle fruit pomegranate is native fruit in Asia. In the Bible and Greek mythology, Pomegranate is the food of the gods. Today the pomegranate grows in the Mediterranean region and the Middle East. Since the pomegranate contains many essential substances and nutrients, this fruit treats illnesses. It also enhances the physical performance in athletes. Below we will examine this in more detail.

Benefits of Pomegranate

The active ingredients of pomegranate cure many health problems:

  1. It enhances the cardiovascular system
  2. Recent studies suggest that the white fiber in Pomegranate cures cancer.
  3. It reduces blood pressure
  4. It drops cholesterol levels and can atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) even reverse.
  5. More than 250 empirical studies reveal facts on this fruit. The protective substances of pomegranate are effective against oxidative stress dementia. Specific inflammatory reactions and prostate cancer also get cured.
  6. The influenza virus can kill the flu.
  7. The studies by researchers on this fruit revealed specific facts on this fruit. The active ingredients in the pomegranate contain tannin, ellagitannins and phenol acids. It has an antimicrobial effect on bacteria, fungi, and other parasites.
  8. The pomegranate is an all-rounder for the treatment of many diseases. It helps to strengthen the immune system.
  9. Pomegranate reduces the cholesterol in the body. The polyphenols reduce the LDL and thus increases the HDL.
  10. The polyphenols reduce blood pressure. It dissolves the clumped platelets, which can thicken the blood. This condition can to hypertension, stroke and heart attack.
  11. Another positive development is the circulation-promoting effect. Pomegranate can increase myocardial perfusion.
  12. The pomegranate is also an excellent protection against the hardening of the arteries. It forms a foam cell which inhibits the cholesterol oxidation.
  13. Anti-oxidative protection against free radicals
  14. Strengthening the immune system
  15. Protection against bacteria and viruses
  16. Detoxifying effect against substances such as alcohol or nicotine
  17. Protection against cancer cells
  18. Protect against vascular and hardening of the arteries
  19. Anti-inflammatory effect
  20. Promotes regeneration of damaged cells
  21. Lowers cholesterol
  22. Regulates blood pressure and blood lipid levels
  23. Regulates the hormonal balance
  24. Improves circulation
  25. Stimulates digestion
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How does the pomegranate work on our bodies?

A study in mice in 2005 on pomegranate revealed many facts about this fruit. Pomegranate acts as a protection against brain damage. Stroke-related to injuries due to lack of oxygen also gets cured.

The mice fed with pomegranate juice had 60 percent less brain damage at birth than another group. The ellagic acid in Pomegranate unfolds its effect in the bronchi of the lungs. The ellagic acid in the breath collects and neutralizes. Thus it serves as a harmful antioxidant component of inhaled air. The polyphenols have a lasting effect against viruses and bacteria. Thereby it strengthens the health of the bronchus and lung.

The polyphenols of pomegranate act affirmative for the gastrointestinal tract. The polyphenols molecular structure ensures that it does not leave via the bloodstream. In the intestine, they support the maintenance of a healthy intestinal flora. Thus they can kill harmful bacteria and viruses. Research studies reveal that brain performance improves by the flavonoids of pomegranate. The phenolic acids of the pomegranate protect the nervous system from “free radicals.” Free Radicals destruct the tissues of the body and promote undesirable skin aging.

Pomegranate creams and lotions help the outer skin layer against free radicals. The phytoestrogens of pomegranate can prevent even against osteoporosis (bone loss). The antioxidant ingredients protect against cartilage-destroying enzymes and act against inflammatory mechanisms. In the liver, the polyphenols promote the development of specific enzymes. These are conducive for detoxification. Besides the liver gets protected by antioxidants. It kills free radicals during detoxification as well. The ellagic acid from pomegranate also protects the pancreas from emerging inflammation.

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It provides adequate protection against disease and can protect the immune system. This fruit is perfect as a dietary supplement for sport. Studies proved that this fruit helps for muscle regeneration. Also, it protects the immune system. Thus pomegranate drinks are perfect for both the pre- as well as the post-workout as a supplement. The drink gets ideal too with a protein shake.

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