Benefits of Dumbbell Exercises for Health

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5 Benefits of Dumbbell Exercises for Health

Sara Kettler

The dumbbell is one of the cheap, flexible and easy exercising tools. It allows you to do various exercises to improve your health. Dumbbells are beneficial for improving heart health, burning calories, building muscle or improving muscle endurance. Of course, this depends on the weight of the dumbbell, the routine, the number of repetitions and the speed at which you use them.

Dumbbell has a small weight and shape is like a Roman letter I. You can buy barbells of different weight ranging from lightweight. Heavier-weighted dumbbells allow you to build muscle. Here are the benefits of dumbbell exercises.

1. Strengthen Your Muscles

You can strengthen your muscles using heavy weight dumbbells to increase muscle mass and help to burn more calories. A combination of endurance exercises with cardio exercises with dumbbells strengthen the muscles.

2. Heart Health

Using a dumbbell can increase heart rate and is beneficial to make the heart healthier. Beginners can start exercises at a relaxed pace to improve cardio stamina with the lightweight dumbbells for 30 minutes or more. It then increases by doing aerobics are beneficial to strengthen the heart and other health benefits.

3. Weight Loss

Aerobic exercise using a dumbbell can burn more calories because it makes the heart rate increase. Doing aerobics to lose weight is beneficial to reduce the risk of diseases such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, back pain and high blood pressure. This type of weight-loss exercise in addition to burning calories is also beneficial to increase muscle strength, muscle endurance, and heart strength.

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4. Muscle Endurance

You can use dumbbells to increase muscle endurance or improve your ability to use muscles such as playing tennis or volleyball. Sports with dumbbells relying on weight and repetition in each exercise makes muscle endurance stronger than doing bodybuilding exercise.

5. Bone Density

Weight training helps to increase bone density, thus reducing the risk of fractures. The dumbbell is an ideal way to improve bone health because it can do while sitting or lying down at the same time can choose the weight that matches the

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