5 Bedtime Habits for Weight Loss

5 Bedtime Habits for Weight Loss

Gaining weight is easy than lowering it. But, do you know there is an easy way to lose weight? Yes, one of them is with sleeping habits. But you have to make some of the following bedtime habits for weight loss. What are they?

5 Bedtime habits for weight loss
1. Urinate before bed

You are advised to urinate before bed. The urge to urinate can disrupt your sleep because it requires you to go to the toilet at night. The essential thing in losing weight is quality sleep.

2. Exercise at night

Choose exercise time at night. You can provide a distance of 2 hours between meals and sports to help you lose weight. Besides losing weight, exercise at night can also relieve stress and make your sleep better.

3. Naked Sleep

Naked sleep can help to speed up weight loss. You see, the temperature will force your body to burn more calories. When the body is cold at night, the body will use fat in the body warms. The process is in line with the increased body metabolism can thus burn excess fat at night.

4. Chill the room

A study published in the journal Diabetes, men who sleep in the room temperature 18 degrees Celsius has twice the number of healthy fat more than men who sleep at 23 degrees Celsius. Low temperatures will freeze the body so that it can trigger the release of the hormone irisin – in charge of stimulating the burning of calories and fat tissue.

5. Sleep in a black pitch state

According to a study, when you sleep, the body produces the hormone melatonin that will help to burn calories. A similar study also found a similar thing where women who sleep in dark rooms 20 percent smaller fat than those who sleep in bright places.

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