Breakfast with Banana Apparently not Good, Why?, Beauty Vigour


Breakfast with Banana Apparently not Good, Why?

Kristina Rodulfo

Breakfast with Banana Apparently not Good, Why?, Beauty Vigour

Eating bananas in breakfast may appear fresher and healthier. However, making a banana as an option to start the day is not a wise choice.

The banana has been having a good reputation for health because it contains potassium, fiber and magnesium. Unfortunately, not ideal remedy to eat bananas as breakfast because the sugar content in them.

Bananas have a high natural sugar content. About 25 percent of the banana is a sugar.

In addition to the high-sugar, bananas also contain moderate acidity levels. The combination of sugar content and acidity of the bananas can cause an rapid increase in sugar levels, causing fatigue and drowsiness in the morning and early afternoon.

In addition, the banana is not a fruit that is good to maintain a healthy digestive system. The high sugar content of bananas can potentially clog the digestive system.

Although the banana is not an ideal choice for breakfast, it does not mean bananas need to be shunned. Bananas can also be a healthy breakfast menu when combined with ingredients that can neutralize the acid and sugar.

One suitable combination to accompany bananas in breakfast is a healthy fat. With a combination of healthy fats, lots of benefits of bananas that can be maintained.

One of the healthy fats which can be combined with bananas as breakfast is peanut butter. Additionally, spices and herbs can also be a combination that is able to balance the sugar and acidity of banana that can be ideal breakfast menu.

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