how to use apple tea for weight loss

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How To Use Apple Tea For Weight Loss

Susan Wagner

how to use apple tea for weight loss

We all know the proverb An Apple a day keeps the doctor away but today’s proverb is An Apple tea a day will make you slim always. Today we will learn a recipe of apple tea for weight loss , a delicious slimming tea.

The apple tea recipe is easy to make and brings incredible results, helping you to lose weight fast.

The apple is super nutritious and delicious fruit which everyone knows. Very few know about the benefits of apple peel.

Research has already shown that apple peel helps to prevent various diseases like:

  • Heat stroke
  • Premature ageing
  • Helps to prevent heart attacks

It also helps to lose weight faster as it helps in the digestion of fatty products.

Apple tea can flavor with cinnamon as it enhances our weight loss. Cinnamon is a metabolism accelerator and helps to burn calories faster.

Apple Tea For Weight Loss


  • 2 peels of red apples
  • 2 pieces of cinnamon stick
  • 6 cups water
  • Honey to sweeten (do not add lots of honey as it adds lots of calories)

Preparation & Consumption:

  1. Take water in a kettle. Add apple peel, and cinnamon. Bring it to boil.
  2. As it starts to boil, turn the heat off and cover the pan.
  3. Leave the above mixture muffled for 15 minutes.
  4. Add a little honey, and you can either take it warm or cool.
  5. Take this tea for three weeks.

You will notice the beneficial effects in your body. It helps in reducing fat and lose weight.

Caution: Pregnant women need to avoid this slimming recipe. Cinnamon is not a recommendation for pregnant women.

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So this slimming tea is an excellent one. It is easy, and also ingredients used are very much available. You will lose weight without having to take those horrible and bitter teas.

Note: This apple tea helps a lot to lose weight also with some mild exercises. It’s not worth having tea and going to the pizzeria and then saying that tea does not work.

This tea is of course very much helpful for weight loss. Remember Willpower is key to achievement in weight loss, always.

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