How To Take Apple Nectar To Boost Metabolism, Beauty Vigour

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How To Take Apple Nectar To Boost Metabolism

Beth Mole

How To Take Apple Nectar To Boost Metabolism, Beauty Vigour

Drinking water or apple nectar naturally increases metabolism and is the best option to set aside soft drinks. If you want to boost metabolism, it is also an excellent option and even more if you combine it with a little cinnamon.

Another critical point is that Apple is very beneficial for the brain. In this field its properties are diverse: it helps to have a great memory, it is ideal to combat stress and drink it after an exercise routine. Meanwhile, cinnamon also has the property of accelerating metabolism.

For these qualities, apple and cinnamon water is considered one of the best options to supplement a diet and stay hydrated.

How To Prepare Apple Nectar To Boost Metabolism

We show you how to extract the nectar from apples:

  • Get the apples of your preference and then wash them.
  • Cut the apples either in half or using a cutter in boxes. Discard stained parts.
  • Place all the apples in a large pot and add about 2 inches of water.
  • Cover the pot and cook on medium-high heat until the apples break and become soft.
  • A slow fire helps to extract the juices more effectively.
  • Time to time, remove the lid and crush with a potato masher.
  • When all its juice obtained, filter it to produce a clear liquid.
  • You can filter your juice as many times as you want to make the liquid lighter.
  • Add little cinnamon and stir it.
  • Drink it.
Properties Of Apple

1. The apple is rich in pectin, a type of soluble fiber that is not absorbed in the intestine.

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2. The apple is, after the quince, one of the fruits with a higher content of tannins, which are astringent and anti-inflammatory.

3. Among its vitamins, C stands out: an apple can cover 30% of daily needs. It is rich in boron, a mineral that intervenes in numerous functions of the organism.

4. The consumption of apples lower risk of heart and circulatory diseases, lung cancer, asthma, and diabetes.

5. To control cholesterol, it is recommended to take 2 or 3 apples per day.

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