Alvita Parsley Tea Review, Beauty Vigour

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Alvita Parsley Tea Review

Kristina Rodulfo

Alvita Parsley Tea Review, Beauty Vigour

Choosing which organic parsley tea to purchase and consume can be daunting. Let’s take a look at Alvita. Alvita parsley tea is another organic herbal tea. This tea comes in eco-friendly packaging as well.

            The company Alvita sells many different kinds of herbal teas, like most other companies that sell parsley tea. Alvita does not claim to have an audit trail following their product from field to table like the last review.

They do however state that they are organic by means of wild harvest or cultivated botanicals. Keeping their process organic and clean to keep their products of high quality.

            Alvita also claims to keep the packaging eco-friendly. The tea satchels themselves are oxygen-bleached instead of using chlorine to bleach the bags. The tea satchels also do not include any staples or strings.

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The label doesn’t say the percent of which but only that the box is made of recycled material.

            Finding this tea seems a little easier. The website has a “where to buy” tab at the top.

You can search your location to find where to purchase this tea in stores. It does seem to be at most big box stores such as Wal-Mart.

The Alvita website sells directly as well. The following link is the direct website:

You can also purchase this tea on other websites. Amazon is a great place. This product only sells in single boxes of 24 satchels. The following link is for the Amazon listing:

Some happy customers left reviews such as

“ Love the Alvita brand parsley tea. Just ordered my second box. Will be ordering more soon”,

“My daughter has problems with her ankles and legs swelling when she travels, and this tea has proven to almost eliminate that problem”


“I was skeptical about trying this tea, but was surprised at how nice the flavor was. It’s sweet and mild. Just right for an evening tea”

” it would be hard not to choose Alvita parsley tea. The price isn’t bad and the product is worth the money spent. “

The few negative reviews talked of taste and of how the tea satchels themselves are connected in two’s. The review stated

“I don’t like the packaging (the two tea bags linked together are not easy to separate without tearing open one of them) and frankly I don’t like the taste of the Parsley Tea. When I make tea from fresh parsley from the store it tastes much, much better”.

With this one negative review, there are many more with good things to say about it.

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            Making sure the tea product to be purchased is organic and packaged in an eco-friendly manner is very important. Not breaking the bank is also important. If you can make sure to have all three then that is the dream. Alvita parsley tea seems like it hits home for all three.

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