7 Women’s Health Myths, Beauty Vigour


7 Women’s Health Myths

Leah Marie

7 Women’s Health Myths, Beauty Vigour

Women Empowerment has become the most burning topics in recent years. When compared to men spotting women in all sporting activities is trending. In endurance sports, like football, in athletics and bodybuilding women are rocking. Athletes strive for the perfect appearance and defined muscles in a little body fat. As we all know the genetic conditions for women and men are different. But muscle cells are muscle cells, whether male or female. Is it now time to end certain myths?

Women’s Health Myths

Myth # 1: Women should not train like men

It is true that women should not train as men so that they achieve their training goals. These objectives may differ from those of men. The man weight lifting agenda, there is a reason. It’s the muscular sling that begins in the lumbar area and continues over glutenous and thigh.

Studies on men and women state that women generally can store fewer carbs and proteins. Thus exercises differ from men to women. So a woman needs to do the same muscular sling exercises. They can do them with less weight adapted to their physical condition. The woman often trained because they have different objectives. Once the goals coincide, you can find no difference.

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Myth # 2: Training target of women’s slimming

It is true that women have different objectives in sports and fitness. Fitness means freedom to make your training programs according to your needs. Because everyone’s body responds to the training. It depends on disposition and metabolic type. The lady training for marathon and women preparing for a bikini contest has different training plans.

Myth # 3:. Women need different proteins

Protein is protein, which is the truth. Everything else is a question of marketing. Of course, protein product for the target group women is set by the package design. They contain some valuable minerals like folic acid and multi vitamins. It is necessary for the growth of women.
For protein supplements differ in the composition of amino acids, carbohydrates, and fats. And some lady may not tolerate animal protein as a man does. Women do not need other proteins, but the right ones.

Myth # 4:. Olympic Weightlifting is dangerous

It is true that every sport and every exercise can be dangerous if not performed well. Poor technique and too much weight due to high ambitions lead to injury. Here the men are in a bigger risk group. Taking care while training with weights is good. You should create the right basis and perform the exercises. Operating the strength and muscle will work.

Myth # 5:. Weightlifting leads to masculinization

Training with weights leads to a positive effect like up muscle and breaking down fat. Women who run targeted strength training, are fitter, healthier and slimmer. Of course, their appearance changes depending on the genetic constitution. One gets beefy, the other an athletic appearance, others girls remained wiry-graceful.

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Myth # 6: Women creates no creatine

Irrespective of gender body produces creatine. Energy phosphate builds the body and is an important muscle fuel. It helps for short-term and high-intensity loads. Trained people need feeding on supplements from outside. This is true for athletes as well as for athletes.

Myth # 7: For the woman, the treadmill is enough

It is true that women should pursue strength training. Even the endurance athlete does well to carry out a power program besides to their cardio units. Strength training gives the muscle the ability to overcome greater resistances. This is in fact needed for the marathon runner. For fat loss weight training is much effective. Besides these workouts helps in burning fat and muscle to become healthy.

Conclusion – the training goals it comes to

Women work than men, not because they have to, but because they have different objectives. Strength training or muscle building the method is the same. This also applies to the diet. Irrespective of gender muscle building depends on

  • Eating plan
  • Training condition
  • Training goals
  • Metabolic type

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