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6 Best Exercises To Reduce Back

Susan Wagner

Of course, you cannot lose weight just in the back, but you can focus the stretching and toning exercises on that muscle area. We will teach you the best exercises to reduce back.

 How to lose your back:

The harsh reality about losing weight is that you cannot just circle a specific part of your body and that the fat is gone. It takes whole body workout to really burn fat, and you will see results everywhere. What you can do is focus on stretching exercises and muscle toning in the area and isolate the problem area and really define those muscles -the which, when combined with cardio (running, elliptical, whatever you like but you stay With that) will give you the results you want. 

If lower back is one of your greatest obsessions, will focus on strengthening that area is key, and this area is usually overlooked.  We always care more what we immediately see in the mirror, which is the front of the body. Your back is probably the last part of the body they think most women. Strengthen back muscles is incredibly important – and not just for aesthetic reasons. 
Working these muscles also improves posture. It also relates to the high back and around your shoulders. Bad posture, in addition to making you look less confident when you walk, also creates the illusion that you have fat on your back, even if you do not have it. 

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 1. Pull-Ups

Your back made up of different muscles, and a pull-up is an exercise that tones and sculpts all of them. But they are difficult, so people are looking away from these. 

If you can do a normal pull-up

  • Take the bar with your palms outwards – that would be ideal. 
  • A chin-up, where the palms are in, is a simpler option and will work your back a bit, but what will work more are your biceps, so doing chin-ups is your second choice. 

Here are some additional ways to modify a classic pull-up: 

Pull-ups negative:

  • Stand on something to help you get up to do pull-ups with the bar.
  • Lower your body slowly in a controlled movement. 

Assisted pull-ups:

Every gym has an assisted pull-up machine and unfortunately it’s usually empty because it looks big and scary. But it’s a great tool for pull-ups if you cannot do it for yourself. 

2. Dumbbell Rope
  • Place one knee on the bench, armchair or table with light weight (3-5 pounds) in the opposite hand, leaning slightly forward with your back straight. 
  • Pull your arm back in a row motion, contracting the upper back, and elbows brushing the side of your body as they move. 
  • Do 12 repetitions and then change your arm.
 3. TYI Exercise
  • Lie on your stomach on the floor, or swing on a ball of physio, holding 3-pound dumbbells in each hand. 
  • Use your back to lift the chest a little. 
  • Then move the arms up in a T position, then release, and move into a Y position, let go, and then move into an I position with your arms stretched out and touching your head. 
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This is an excellent exercise for later deltoids, which are important muscles for posture. Most people are very weak in this area, so use super light weights for this exercise.

 4. Push-Ups

This basic movement works mostly on your chest, but it can be a great exercise to reduce your back as well. 

  • Put yourself in a standard push-up position with your hands on the floor, more open than your shoulders. 
  • Slowly lower yourself and focus on that movement. 
  • Stay down for 3 seconds and then get up again, contracting the chest.
 5. Jump Rope

The jumping rope can make you feel that you’re only working the shoulders, but the shoulders connect to the back, so the back muscles work too. In addition, it is an excellent cardio exercise that will make you burn fat throughout your body.

 6. Rowing Machine

There is a reason why rowing is popular these days, it is an excellent back exercise. Which makes a lot of sense, as the basic rowing movement works your back perfectly. 

Get on a rowing machine at your gym, or try a class rowing such as City Row.

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