5 simple yoga poses for beginners


5 Simple Yoga Poses For Beginners

Susan Wagner

5 simple yoga poses for beginners

This article aims to offer basic yoga flow lessons or yoga poses for beginners so that anybody would gain confidence in the art and begin to practice it with no hesitation.

Yoga is always been equated to difficult and hard to perform limb twisting poses which keeps most people away from it. But yoga is not completely about touching ones toes or stretching the body at extreme positions but is a simple process of uniting with oneself by uniting body, mind and breath. Becoming familiar with yoga and learning its poses are the initial step and many would get stuck at this step if they do not find a suitable yoga class or trainer. 

Yoga Pre-Requisites For Beginners

  • After having made the decision to practice yoga and continue it for a life time, the most important thing is to find a suitable yoga class that operates at a time convenient for practice.
  • Dress comfortably as yoga involves difficult twists and turns.
  • Warm up by mind walking before hitting the yoga mat and do not perform yoga with full stomach.
  • Do not compare your poses with that of others in the class and have a positive mind and approach towards the asana.

Basic Yoga Poses For Yoga Beginners

1. Mountain pose

This is the first step to begin when one has made the conviction to practice yoga.

  • To perform this pose, stand tall with both feet together and weight distributed every through soles and arms.
  • After deep inhalation raise the hands over the head with palms facing each other, pose as if you are reaching the sky with fingertips.
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2. Downward facing dog pose
  • Perform this pose by standing on all fours and hands kept directly under the shoulders and knees kept under hips.
  • Spread fingers wide by pressing against the mat and curl toes under to press hips towards the top.
  • It is important to bring the body to an inverted V shape with shoulders facing away from ears.
3. Warrior pose
  • Pose like a warrior ready for war with legs kept 3-4 feet apart with right foot turned out to 90 degrees and left foot kept in slightly.
  • Hands to be kept on hips, shoulders be relaxed and arms extended out to the sides with palms kept down.
  • Right knee has to be bent for 90 degrees and one knee to be kept over the ankle, stay in this position for a minute and switch sides.
4. Tree pose
  • To stand like a tree, stand arms at sides and transfer whole body weight to left leg, place sole of right foot inside the left thigh and let hips face forward.
  • Once balance is attained, bring hands to prayer position.
  • Lower to relax and repeat with the next leg.
5. Bridge pose

This pose helps to stretch thighs and chest and extends the spine.

  • To perform this, lie on the floor with knees slightly bend and directed over the heels.
  • Arms are to be placed at sides with palms facing down.
  • Exhale while feet are pressed on the floor and hips get lifted.
  • Then, clasp hands under the back and press arms down to lift hips and thighs are kept parallel to the floor, hold on to this position for a minute.
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