Amazing Benefits Of Mint For Women


5 Amazing Benefits Of Mint For Women

Leah Marie

Amazing Benefits Of Mint For Women

Our planet is rich with different plants, each of which has both healing and destructive force. Ancestors paid special attention to knowledge about the medicinal friends and their impact on the human body.

Let’s talk about the benefits of mint for women.

1. Mint for women – a source of peace and relaxation

Due to the high content of essential oils and unique substances, mint is able to influence the female emotions, calming them.

If you concerned about a migraine, pursuing stress, then do not do without a mint tea. Or cook for yourself a fragrant bath, add three to five drops of peppermint oil.

It enhances the refreshing and invigorating effect of mint oil.

If you love the menthol smell of mint, then use it in the kitchen as:

  • Air freshener.
  • Seasoning for meat dishes.
  • Brew tea.

2. Mint for women during menopause

During hormonal rearrangements, the female body is under stress. Mint tea deals with that mood swings like a pendulum, the weight varies, sweating and unpleasant odors from the body that annoy you.

Regular intake of mint tea will ease all symptoms of menopause. Besides, you will nourish the beneficial vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

3. Mint for women from diseases

Since ancient times, mint known as a powerful medicinal herb for the digestive, cardiovascular, nervous and immune systems. And it more affects on the women body, as capable of:

  • Align hormones.
  • Adjust the menstrual cycle.
  • Remove the inflammatory processes.
  • To deal with skin rashes, dermatitis.

 4. Mint for women in cosmetology

Cosmetic industry offers women a wide range of products, which contain peppermint extract.

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Yes, and craftsmen to create beauty products at home for a long time and use mint to create lotions, creams, and masks.

For example, peppermint tincture or lotion in liquid or frozen form at regular care for oily / problem skin is able to:

  • Narrow pores.
  • Reduce the sebaceous glands.
  • To eliminate the effect of a brilliant person.
  • To treat inflammation and rashes.

Peppermint extract in shampoos and masks helps to cleanse and refresh the scalp, to strengthen the locks.

The unique property of mint is a decrease of testosterone in a woman’s body. That is due to the habit of regular drinking mint tea. Besides, gets rid of unwanted hair, such as on the face, as well as slows the growth rate of those who are subject to periodic removal.

5. Mint during feeding via breast

On the Web and in the antenatal clinic will tell you that the mint tea is harmful during pregnancy and lactation.

This is because of the mint, suppresses the production of testosterone. Or if you do not plan to turn off until breastfeeding as usual mint can reduce milk production.

However, there are many kinds of mint (more than 25). In common peppermint, are:

  • Curly.
  • Lemon.
  • Water.
  • Marsh.
  • Japanese.

For example, a curly mint is able to increase the amount of milk produced by the female body during lactation.

This little fragrant herb – mint, as well as use it for the female body.

Get into the habit of drinking mint tea instead of coffee! And soon you will feel and see the difference in your health.

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