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3 Weeks Weight Loss Challenge: Tips For Instant Weight Loss

Beth Mole

Shelling out the extra flab, instant fat burning session is no mean joke as it takes just the nano-second for gaining extra KILOS!, POUNDS! Or in simplest terminology WEIGHT!

However as we have grown up learning that “Nothing is Impossible” should be the word in our dictionaries. Hence, the instant weight loss challenge could be taken even for a short duration that of 1-3 weeks.

Since the time duration is the short, one has to go miles apart, the thought, action process coupled with planning part has to be more aggressive, swifter, hard for achieving the perfect shape thereby looking more attractive which is what everyone of us desire to reach out for.

At same time folks, the instant weight loss plan is just utter waste if it would be the same for everyone as it depends a lot on the Body structure, adaption to weight loss plan (whether diet wise/through workouts etc). So wasting no time lets go to the most integral part of 3 weeks weight loss challenge to get to a leaner and meaner patch within no mean time of 1- 3 weeks.

3 Weeks Weight Loss Challenge

1. Choosing Right Diet rich in Balanced Nutrition and low on Fat and Body bulking Agents:

Diet is the most integral part, yet the most forgotten part which thereby leads to the bodily disorders like Obesity, Diabetes and many others which are just their by-products. Ideally, the diet plan for getting thinner and meaner should include a lot of raw vegetables, fruits/fruit juices, food rich in water content, low on fat like fibrous Soya, whole wheat, bran and oats, brown bread, rice etc.

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2. Planning Limited yet effective workout to keep body metabolism going on:

One must do limited yet an extra miler effort whilst doing exercise/workouts. This means that if one workouts for 30 minutes, it must be increased a bit more by 5-10 minutes or percentage to reduce that extra fat/flab deposits under skin.

3. Cutting down on the calorie based drinks, caffeine, sugar based diet:

This is the most difficult yet the integral part and the success rate of getting thinner, meaner and attractive depends much upon how fast one get adapted to it. It means one have to considerably reduce intake of any sort of beverages like sweetened water, tea, coffee, malts or even milk containing sugar by replacing it with natural sweeteners like honey, sour yet sugar based lemon rinds that are better form of sucrose. This also means a great deal of reduced risk of diabetes and other disorders.

4. Sleeping well during Night as well taking naps during tiresome work:

Crazy it might sound, but body fat depends not just on the diet or how much workout is done regularly, but it also depends on the time limit one has slept or taken frequent breakout from the erstwhile work pattern as it helps in burning the calories deposited. On an average one must get 5-6 hours of regular sleep as body digestive metabolism gets directly affected by the same.

These are just the “Tip of Iceberg” to reduce weight within just 1-3 weeks. There are many more measures to be effectively planned to get our lifestyle better.

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