10 Days Weight Loss Challenges, Beauty Vigour

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10 Days Weight Loss Challenges

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10 Days Weight Loss Challenges, Beauty Vigour

Losing weight as intended itself is a great challenge and doing it in ten days could be quite difficult at least for those who are not committed to themselves. Losing weight fast could be dangerous if a proper and approved schedule is not followed but if this small commitment is helped, it could result in tremendous payoff. Weight loss challenge in ten days could have series of impacts such as decreasing risk of stroke and heart attack, lowers blood pressure levels, lowers the risk of breach and uterine cancers, lowers blood cholesterol levels up to 10% and fights dementia as well. But how could this is accomplished? Is it really possible to lose weight in just ten days? What should one do to lose weight successfully in this short span and be in shape? Read through to discover

What should one do to lose weight successfully?

  • Exercising regularly: It is important to move for at least half an hour everyday and/or perform aerobic exercises at least 3-5 times a week. Moving around for half to one hour a day would enhance cardio-vascular fitness along with weight drop. This is to be continued on a regular basis and not for the 10 day challenge period alone.

  • Portion control: ability to exercise portion control on the plate is quite challenging and is of utmost importance to control weight. Leave the habit of eating directly from a box or bag but transfer it to a plate and portion them to track how much is eaten. It is important not to eat any snacks more than the size of the fist. Choose smaller table plates to exercise portion control, so that one eats less and still feels fuller.
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  • Learn serving sizes: portion sizes and serving number are very important in weight management. Limit proteins and fats to less than 4 servings’ day, complex carbohydrates to 3 servings, fruits to 3 servings and vegetables to unlimited serving on a daily basis. Include food rich in fiber to curb appetite.

  • Include cardio training in daily routine: 30 minutes of cardio training and strength training everyday would help people cross the weight loss plateau pretty easily

  • Avoid soda and sugary foods: carbonated and aerated drinks are rich in sugars and avoid sugary foods as these would sabotage the weight loss goal.

  • Take plenty of water: water helps in decreasing body weight and maintains the pH of the blood. It also helps to remove all toxins accumulated by fast metabolism of the body during the weight loss period. It is also a good idea to make 70% of the foods we eat, water rich by including non-starchy vegetables, lettuce, baked fish and meat etc.

  • Include foods that make the blood alkaline: almonds, green vegetables and fruits low in sugar such as smoothie’s gets blood alkaline and speeds up the metabolic process, enabling it to digest fats and complex carbohydrates faster.

Thus the only secret to attain optimal weight loss in a short span of ten days is to have control on what one eats and how much efforts he puts on his workout regime. If these two are conquered and weight loss in just 10 days would be a dream come true.

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