8 Yoga Exercises To Get Tight Hips And Thighs

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Being heavy at the thighs and the hips may get one look fat and short. In most of the workouts only the upper body and the abdomen gets due concentration, but in yoga there are yoga poses to get tight hips and thighs and it also gets them well shaped. These yoga poses targets women predominantly as they are quite conscious of their lower body as well.

8 Yoga Poses To Get Tight Hips And Thighs

1. Chair pose

To perform this pose, one needs to have good stamina and flexibility.

  • Stand with feet together and raise the hands over the head.
  • Now bend the knees and take a squat position with deep exhalation.
  • Remain in this chair pose for a minute and reverse back to standing position.
  • This pose strengthens and tones the thigh muscles.
2. Happy child pose
  • Lie on the back, lift both the legs at right angles to the body and hold the feet with the hands, like how new born do.
  • Remain in this position for a minute and put the legs now as you exhale.
3. Warrior pose
  • Stand straight with feet kept slightly apart. Shift the left leg apart and rotate it towards the right side, spin the body as well so that both the legs are now in same direction.
  • Take hands above the head as in Namaste and stay in the position for some time.

This position enhances stamina and tones up the muscles of the lower body. The pose could also be performed by keeping both the hands parallel to the ground rather than taking them above the head.

4. Bridge pose
  • Lie on the ground, bend the legs at the knees while feet touching the ground.
  • Let hands be kept at the sides with palms facing downwards.
  • Lift the hips from the floor while the hands and legs are still grounded.
  • Stay in this position for half a minute.
  • As a variation, one leg could be lifted in the air for few seconds, but needs more stamina to gain support.
5. Cobbler pose
  • Sit on the floor, bend both the legs and let both the soles of feet meet each other.
  • Let the spine be kept straight and press the soles of the feet to remain in this pose for few seconds.

You should feel pain in the thighs and groins to learn that these muscles are put into action.

6. Crab pose
  • Lie on the abdomen and slowly lift both the hands and the legs in the air and gain support on the abdomen.

7. Dancing legs

  • Lie on the back, take a deep breath and lift the left leg up while the right leg is still on the floor.
  • Tighten the abdomen, fold the left leg further at the knees and take it closer to the chest.
  • Hold the leg at the ankle for support.
  • If needed raise the leg to meet the knees of the left leg and remain in this poses for 10-15 seconds, repeat the same with the other leg.

8. Squats

Deep squats works magic on the thighs and hips.

  • Stand with feet slightly apart and let the arms be in front of you with palms facing downwards.
  • Squat as you inhale and ensure knees are at right angles for a deep dip.
  • Exhale at you get up and repeat.
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