3 Best Yoga Poses To Relieve Stress

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Stress is the worst culprit in the life of most people and is the major cause of many worst metabolic disorders in people. Somehow this stress has become an indispensable part of everyone’s life and is hard to get separated from our day to day life. Yoga seems to offer the best solution for lowering stress level through its eminent poses. Three best yoga poses for stress relief are discussed here.

3 Best Yoga Poses To Relieve Stress
1. Shvanasana:
  • This could be translated as downward facing dog pose which has to be accomplished through hands and knees with blankets folded and placed under the chest.
  • It is important to transmit weight evenly through hands as arms get straightened and one has to lift up through the inner edges of the arms.
  • Release the shoulder blades away from the neck, towards the hip, straighten the legs and lift the pelvis to stop at downward facing dog pose.
  • Now, let the back of the neck release downwards so that head rests on the blanket support.
  • Do not bend down the elbows to reach the blankets and if the neck gets compressed or head jams into the blankets, then lower the support.
  • If the proper balance is attained with the help of torso and limbs, it would be possible to hold on to the pose for few more minutes, without feeling the strain.
2. Standing forward bend pose:

Uttanasana or standing forward with head support pose acts best is beating stress.

  • Separate the feet wide apart and align the toes and outer heels on the edges of the mat and place a block between the feet in line with the toes.
  • Depending on the flexibility of the hamstrings, include two or three blocks as needed to rest the head comfortably.
  • Now, straighten the legs, bend forward and rest the crown of the head over the support.
  • Hold ankles to spread elbows apart from each other and let the back of the head descend towards the floor.
  • Though the head is resting over the support, try to maintain the majority of weight on the feet, to balance it evenly.
  • Breathe deeply and try remaining in this pose up to 3 minutes.
3. Posterior stretch or paschimottanasana:
  • Fold two blankets and sits over them.
  • Extend legs straight in front with feet kept hip wide apart.
  • Place a bolster on top of legs and lift the sides of the torso up.
  • Hold the outer edges of the feet with the hands and extending forward.
  • Place a blanket over the bolster, close to the foot and lengthen the abdomen over this bolster to get the forehead rest on the blanket.
  • Keep the legs straight and press thighbones towards the floor as much as possible without lifting the heels.
  • Important things to follow in this yoga pose are to extend through the back of the heels and to move the back ribs towards the front ribs down on to the bolster.
  • Let the back of the neck remain soft and long and relax the facial muscles.
  • The pose offers maximum benefit if maintained for at least 2 minutes.
  • Relax by returning to dandasana pose.

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