7 Best Yoga Poses For Headaches

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Headache is a condition that can appear at any time and to anyone. Depending on the degree of intensity, it can prevent us from usually functioning the day we suffer. We can indeed buy in the pharmacy a wide variety of products that can help us to eliminate headaches, but we can also try to cope with them in other ways. One of them is performing specific yoga poses for headaches.

The scientific explanation by which the practice of yoga poses for headaches is based on deep breathing and relaxation that is practiced during a session. It regulates blood pressure, which relieves pain. The practice of yoga will improve cardiorespiratory performance.

It has also shown that 40 minutes of exercise, at least three times a week, prevents headaches. And we cannot forget that doing yoga qualifies as an exercise. It is essential to connect with yourselves during all yoga sessions. You must concentrate on doing the postures correctly and at the same time, learn to dominate your minds.

Yoga Poses For Headaches

1. Child’s Pose

It is an embryonic posture that helps us relax impressively. Breathing here is vital because we must feel it deep and relaxed. It allows stretching the entire back to lead the blood to the head and cervical, helping to reduce pain and tension in the shoulders and neck.

How To Do:

  • Get on your knees on the floor with your buttocks resting on your heels.
  • Tilt your body forward and stretch your arms.
  • Some prefer to stretch them forward, with the head between the arms, and some will find it more comfortable to support the forehead forward and the arms towards the sides of the body.
  • Hold for several minutes and return to the starting position to rest and repeat the exercise.
2. Legs Up The Wall Pose

This posture helps relaxation and breathing but also the flow of blood. Therefore, it is an exercise that is repeated a lot when we feel dizzy, with low tension, or have menstrual pains. Don’t lose sight of it because it will help you on more than one occasion.

How To Do:

  • Find an area near a wall, lie down, and place something comfortable in the lumbar area.
  • Then, lift your legs at a 90º angle and bring them closer to the wall until the back touches it.
  • Open your hands and relax for 10 minutes.
  • Without mobile, without thinking about anything, just breathing.
3. Downward Dog Pose

This posture has many benefits for our body. For starters, it improves blood circulation and releases tension. In addition to allowing us to improve posture, relieve back pain, improve digestion, and gain flexibility.

How To Do:

  • Form an acute angle with your legs and arms.
  • That is, with the feet slightly apart, bend the body by the hip and rest on the palms of the hands with the arms stretched.
  • Put your head in your hands so that it is looking at the knees.
  • Hold the position breathing deeply.
4. Standing Wide Forward Bend Pose

It is an excellent posture of yoga to avoid the headache. It is considered to relieve the anxiety that oxygenates the mind and ends the bad mood. It reduces fatigue, stimulates digestion, and relieves constipation. It improves the blood flow of the brain and decongests the abdominal organs.

How To Do:

  • Spread your feet wide and touch your fingers firmly on the carpet.
  • Stretch the carpet outside with your feet, tucking the tailbone and under the ground of your tail bone.
  • Lengthen the lower back and take the hands to the ankles and bend the elbows.
  • Gently pull your arms towards the head and touch the ground.
  • Tuck your chin toward the chest and look at your belly button.
5. Fish Pose

This asana stimulates the respiratory system and oxygenates the spine. Also, it relieves tension and increases the flexibility of the spinal cord.

How To Do:

  • Lie on your back on the mat or floor with arms and legs straight.
  • Breathe while placing your hands under the buttocks.
  • Raise your chest while throwing your shoulders back.
  • Then bring your head back to support the crown.
  • Hold the movement for 45 seconds and return to the starting position.
6. Head To Knee Pose

This posture increases blood flow and releases tension from the body.

How To Do:

  • Sit on a flat surface or mat, raise your arms and flex your torso over your extended legs and try to touch your toes.
  • Hold the posture for 60 seconds and return to the starting position little by little.
  • Perform the exercise by altering the legs.
7. Cat Pose

This asana minimizes the tension of the spine, shoulders, and neck. It even increases circulation in the upper body.

How To Do:

  • Place your hands and your knees on the floor.
  • Now gently round the spine while exhaling.
  • When inhaled, return the column to the previous position.
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