9 Best Yoga Poses For Hamstrings

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There are muscle groups that are necessary for mobility, especially in the lower part of our body. Whether we are practicing a sport or just taking a walk in the park, just standing, we expose the hamstrings to constant tensions. These, in adverse conditions, can be the cause of painful cramps or unnecessarily strenuous movements. However, as easy as the problem occurs is your solution. Learn a sequence of yoga poses for hamstrings and, at the same time, stretch your body and regulate many of its internal processes.

Yoga For Hamstrings

Yoga is an excellent way to safely and gradually relieve oppression in the hamstrings. The combination of relaxed breath, alignment of posture, and stretching time makes yoga a perfect for hamstring tension.

Follow these guidelines for each pose:

  • Begin inhaling and exhaling slowly through the nose. Keep your breath flowing through the entire stretch.
  • Stay in each posture for up to a minute.
  • Perform the poses in the following order, since each one is based on the previous one.
  • Once you feel a stretch, stop. Don’t try to force yourself more in the pose. You could end up stretching too much and hurting yourself.

Yoga Poses For Hamstrings

1. Standing Forward Bend Pose

This movement is simple.

  • You should start standing, with your feet apart at a sufficient distance so that each one is parallel to both sides of the hip.
  • Bend the upper part of your body until you reach your calves, without flexing your knees.
  • You can cross your arms over your head or leave them stretched and use them for support.
  • Keep all the weight in your front for five breaths, while both the lower back and the hamstrings will momentarily release from their load.
2. Pyramid Pose

This exercise is to keep your legs stay stretched and firm throughout the pose.

  • While you inhale, take one foot forward and another back, creating a kind of triangle with the angle of your legs and the ground.
  • Now you have to bring the upper part of your body to the deepest part of the movement.
  • You can place your hands on the hips or use them as a support against the floor.
  • Take five breaths before undoing the pose.
3. Triangle Pose
  • Extend your left arm, pointing towards the ceiling. You can use a block if you find it a bit difficult to keep your balance with such a deep movement.
  • The upper part of your body should be straight and well stretched while you hold the pose, which should last for at least five breaths.
4. Half Bound Triangle Pose

Like all previous movements, this also begins with an inhalation.

  • While filling your lungs, secure the triangle figure with your legs, and when exhaling bring your left arm behind the torso until you grab your thigh.
  • Hold this pose for five breaths.
5. Revolved Half Moon Pose
  • While you inhale, break the triangle figure made with your legs, and as you exhale, plant your left hand on the floor and raise your right, pointing to the ceiling, approximately at the height of the left.
  • One of your legs should be extended horizontally, while the other will be your center of gravity.
  • Hold this posture for at least five breaths, taking care not to lose your balance.
6. Twisted Reverse Warrior Pose
  • When inhaling, plant the raised leg on the floor again, and enter the pose of Warrior Pose 1.
  • Now exhale and twist your entire body to the right, resting your hand on the same side of your hip or lower back.
  • Lift your left arm, stretching it as far as you can to the ceiling. Remember to maintain this position for five breaths.
7. Reverse Warrior Prep
  • Inhale bringing your outer knee to the floor, and when exhaling place your left elbow on the right thigh.
  • Put your palms together and hold the position for five long breaths.
8. Rotated Warrior Pose

The next pose only differs from the previous one by one movement.

  • Lift the knee that was resting on the floor, and fully and firmly stretch the leg.
  • Keep your hands in a prayer position, and enjoy this pose for five more breaths.
9. Rotated Triangle Pose

For the last pose, we will return to the figure of the triangle made with the legs.

  • Maintain the same twist of the upper body while you inhale, and put your leg back on the floor.
  • Extend your arms while exhaling, resting your left palm on the floor for support.
  • If necessary, you can use a block to help you.
  • Take a deep breath for five breaths, facing the raised hand.
  • Once this sequence completed, repeat it on the left side.
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