8 Best Yoga Poses For Tight Abdomen

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If you want to have the muscles of the abdomen, also called core, strong, and stable, a highly recommended activity is yoga. You will not even have to leave your house to devote a few minutes a day to these simple yoga poses for the abdomen.

To achieve a tight abdomen, yoga can be an essential tool. This millenary practice will present benefits at different levels for your organism.

Yoga Poses For Tight Abdomen

1. Bridge Pose

This pose will be able to stretch to the maximum areas such as the chest, spine, and neck while, at the same time, you will strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and, also, of the buttocks and the back.

How To Do:

  • Stand on your back on the mat, resting your feet on the floor.
  • Place your arms on the side of your body and raise yourself by arching your back in the shape of a bridge.
  • Inhale the air and feel your abdomen contract.
  • Hold 20 seconds in this position and, then, go down little by little.
  • Repeat this movement ten times.
2. Downward Facing Dog Pose

It is about placing the body in a V shape and, thus, contracting the belly area as much as possible to exercise these muscles.

How To Do:

  • Stand up and bend yourself by touching the ground with your hands.
  • Form a kind of V with the body.
  • Stretch your back well to stretch all the muscles.
  • Hold the pose for ten seconds and then relax.
  • Repeat it five more times.
3. Raised Leg Pose

This yoga posture is excellent to reduce abdomen since it not only helps you lower your abdomen, but you will also be strengthening your legs.

How To Do:

  • Lying on your back, stretch arms, and stuck to your body.
  • The legs stretched and together and breath deeply.
  • Raise your legs slowly until they are in a similar shape on an L.
  • Repeat it at a frequency of five breaths and slowly lower your legs.
4. Dolphin Pose

This yoga posture is ideal for reducing abdomen.

How To Do:

  • Place yourself face down, with the elbows supported, and the shoulders separated at the same distance.
  • The feet should rest on the ground, then lift the weight of the body so that you support yourself on the feet and forearms.
  • Do it for a frequency of five repetitions.
5. Cobra Pose

It is another of the best yoga positions to tone the abdomen.

How To Do:

  • Lie down with your belly on the floor and place your hands at shoulder height.
  • Raise the head and chest by bending the back.
  • Stay in this position for 20 seconds.
  • Relax and repeat the movement.
  • Repeat this ten times.
6. Boat Pose

How To Do:

  • Lie on your back, put your arms behind your head.
  • Keep your legs together and stretch while you raise them slowly.
  • Hold for a session of five breaths, then lower your legs and expel the air.
7. Plank Pose

This pose can be a great option to reduce waist and tone the abdominals. It is one of the most effective and, also, it is simple to do so that you can incorporate it into your home training.

How To Do:

  • Stand face down on the yoga mat and stretch your arms at shoulder height.
  • You should also open your feet and place them across your hips.
  • You should be parallel to the ground as if you were a board.
  • Hold 30 seconds in this position.
  • You will notice how you contract the abdominals and how you exercise the whole body.
  • Lower the body to the ground, rest and rise 30 seconds again.
  • Repeat five times.
8. Camel Pose

How To Do:

  • Lie on your knees and with your back straight.
  • The knees should be spaced the same distance as the hips.
  • Keep your arms stretched forward.
  • Cast your body back while holding your abs in tension.
  • Do it for about five breaths and return to the starting position.

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