7 Best Yoga Exercises To Increase Height

To get the height you want, you have to follow a healthy diet and workout together with these seven yoga exercises to increase height that suggested in the article below.

7 yoga exercises to increase the height

1. Lie on the stomach

It is a simple posture that does not lose a lot of energy and can not argue for height. Maximal stretching of the spine will make your skeleton change and rise a few centimeters.

How To Do

  • Lie on your stomach and then put your hands on the floor so that the head from side to side does not touch the floor.
  • Stretch, hold hands straight to chest parallel to the ground.
  • Combine deep breaths and lift the upper body up to the max.
  • Relax, return to the original posture and repeat the movement 3-4 times.
2. Stretching

This exercise helps you to increase your ability to lean, stimulate the muscles to relax, blood circulation. With just five minutes a day, you can make a few centimeters by practicing this simple exercise.

How To Do

  • Stand straight, arms wide at shoulder level and begin to rotate the arm in circular shape with a diameter of about 75 cm within 1 minute.
  • Back to the original posture, tilt the body half-way to the right and then left for one minute continuously, then place your hands behind your neck and perform a tilt for another minute.
  • Stand against the wall so that your belly and toes touch the wall.
  • With your right hand on the wall at a distance as far as possible, hold for a few seconds and change sides.
  • After that, change the position of the body to 90 degrees and continue with your hand on the wall.
  • Perform until the person returns to the position opposite the original wall.

With this exercise, you can use hand weights in your workout to put your weight on the arm.

3. Fold

Exercising this exercise for 8 minutes a day will help your spine relax, while also making the body more resilient and flexible. The folding posture also helps to banish your belly fat.

How To Do

  • Stand straight and touch your legs.
  • At the same time put your hands up and take a deep breath.
  • Exhale, slowly folded down so that the face touches the knees, hands touching the floor.
  • Breathe in and return to the original posture.
  • Repeat 3-4 times to get results quickly.
4. Bending

With an 8-minute practice time, you bring the relaxation of the spirit and bring the body many health benefits.

How To Do

  • Sit on the floor so that your legs are straight next to each other.
  • Fold forward so that the two hands touch the toes, combining deep breathing and face down to the knees.
  • Continue the hand movement from the position of the toes to the floor, try to touch the elbow as well.
  • Exhale in the process of touching hands on the floor, hold this position for a few seconds and repeat the exercise 3-4 times.
5. Bow

It is not an easy exercise because it requires you to stretch all the muscles and combine hands, feet, and spine to perform. It is difficult, but you only need 6 minutes per day to practice the right height.

How To Do

  • Stretch your hands back close to the body, legs closed.
  • Combine two hands at the same time high back, put your legs up to grasp the ankle.
  • Using the whole body stretch, head up high, and breathe in and out at regular intervals for 10 seconds.
  • Repeat the action 5-6 times per day to achieve high efficiency.
6. Twisting

Twisting exercise help to relax your spine, and cause excess fat in the waist “fly” away. With only 10 minutes a day, you get the ideal waist to own the height of it.

How To Do

  • Put the legs wide with the shoulders, slowly lowering the right leg to a 90-degree angle from the left leg.
  • Breathe deeply, leaning slowly to the right, with the left hand raised to the right, right hand touching the right leg so that the two arms form a straight line across the shoulder.
  • Keep your eyes up in the direction of the left hand, stretch the person, keep this position for about 1 minute and then return to the original movement.
  • Continue changing sides, do it 3-5 times each side.
7. Tap on the bed

This combination exercise is exceptionally suitable for lazy people because you only need to spend 6 minutes of each morning on warming up under the guidance is to increase several centimeters without much effort.

How To Do

  • Lie on the bed, stretch arms in a straight line with the body.
  • Start rolling left, right to the muscles, joints dilated.
  • Next, lifting the entire foot up to the perpendicular to the bed, hand against the hip to make a prop, perform the bicycle ride in the air for 1 minute.
  • Get up, begin the rotation of the neck from left to right for 30 seconds and change sides, try to stretch the neck to the side as much as possible.

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