Why Does My Head Hurt When I Bend Over

Image: Freepik

The headache is one of the most uncomfortable. The causes can be several: heatstroke, hunger, nervousness, etc. But, why does my head hurt when I bend over?

Often it happened to me that is well and without some discomfort when bending over, and almost immediately, my head hurt. Almost as a reflex act.

I let it go until it became constant. Every time I crouched, even to put on my shoes, my head hurt. It reached the point where when I stooped I no longer only suffered from a headache, but from dizziness, weakness, nausea and blurred vision.

The doubt began to invade me, and I decided to go with my family doctor to check and give me a diagnosis.

To my surprise, the doctor explained that the headache when bending over could be due to different factors such as high levels of stress, suffering from vertigo, that is, imbalance when feeling that our surroundings are moving or turning, prolonged fasting, coughing, insomnia and lead a sedentary life.

In my case, the culprit was stress. There was no doubt. I had a fast pace at work, and I was anxious and stressed.

The doctor sent me complex b to control my nervous system and, at the same time, I decided to exercise when I left work.

In a few days, I began to feel better, free of tension. To my surprise, when I stooped, I no longer felt a headache or any discomfort.

You already know, if you are a victim of a headache when crouching, go with your doctor to check and determine the cause.

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