10 Tips For Weight Loss At Home

How can one lose weight at home? Tips on losing weight without having to go any gym or high-priced diet

10 Tips For Weight Loss At Home

Here we present you the tips for weight loss at home in a natural and healthy way.

1. Write down the menu plan

It has been proven that people who maintain food diaries and manage their menu plan end up eating less calories than indicated. This also helps them cut down calories from dressings, sauces, drinks, spreads, snacks and condiments.

2. Eat small and frequent meals

Subtract one treat and a glass of juice from the daily diet as it could save 100 calories the day. This alone could avoid gaining two pounds a day

3. Reduce the amount of time sitting before TV

More the people watch television, more they eat especially junks. Sacrifice at least an hour of watching TV to cut down calories.

4. Increase household chores

Engage yourself with many household chores, which get the house clean and helps one burn more calories. Wash and clean floor, window stands, bathroom tiles, shower stalls, cars etc so that you end up burning four calories on every minute of cleaning. 30 minutes of scrubbing ends up burning 120 calories.

5. Wait till you are really hungry to eat

It is a good practice to get the stomach rumble in hunger so that we stop eating out of nervousness, boredom or frustration. It is a sad fact to learn that most people are not aware what physical hunger would feel like.

6. Eat in front of the mirrors

Studies have already proven that eating in front of the mirror would actually end up eating less as the mirror image would reflect on the goals of weight loss and reminds one of mindful eating.

7. Walk up and down the stairs for at least ten minutes a day

This alone could help a person shed 10 pounds in a year if no extra food is eaten. Use the stairs always and refrain from using the lift.

8. Stand up and move around for five minutes every two hours

Do not get stuck at the desk all day and perform five minutes brisk walking every two hours. This also gets one brisk both physically and mentally.

9. Make sure to eat at home always

It is unavoidable to eat more fatty food and more calories when food is taken at a restaurant. Hotels serve food at large portions and use larger plates. It is always good to calculate what one eats and eat at home.

10. Exercises at home

The following exercises that could be performed at home, to help one stay fit.

  1. Squats: Stand tall with feet kept apart and lower the hips. Bend the knees and let the thighs be kept parallel to the floor. Ensure knees does not go beyond toes and keep the chest up to look straight ahead.
  2. Push ups: To perform push ups, place the hands on the floor, under the shoulders. Hold the body straight, bend the elbows and lower the chest between the hands. Push back to the starting position, for those finding this move difficult; place the knees on the floor to get things easier.
  3. Leaps: Get into a semi-squat position, leap towards the side and land on the foot. Push off at the opposite direction immediately and land on the other foot.

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