5 Ways to Remove Unwanted Hair

5 Ways to Remove Unwanted Hair

You can use different methods to get rid of or hide those unwanted facial or body hair.

5 Ways to Remove Unwanted Hair
1. Use bleach to eliminate hair

Apply a bleach on unwanted hairs.

Mix the whitening cream with the powder according to the instructions and use gloves. The common areas to apply are the upper lip, chin, and neck. Leave the solution in the area for about 10 minutes, or according to the instructions. Rinse the solution with fresh water. Pat lightly to dry. Do not rub your skin as it may be a little irritated after being exposed to the bleach chemicals.

2. Use multiple razors to get rid of hairs

The common areas of shaving are the legs, the armpits, and the pubic area. Shave up and down to make sure you remove the hairs that grow in different directions. Do not pass your razor more than twice through the same area to avoid ingrown hairs. Rinse the shaved area with cold water. Dry with a towel and apply lotion to relieve any irritation.

3. Use hot or cold wax to remove hair, especially facial hair

Press the wax strip over the unwanted hair and rub in the direction of hair growth, then pull the wax with a quick movement in the opposite direction of hair growth. It is a slightly painful method, but it is the most durable since it removes hair from the root. Rinse the area with cold water. Do not apply anything to the depilated area for about an hour to reduce irritation unless the product comes with a unique cream. You can also use wax to depilate the pubic area.

4. Use a special cream to remove facial hair

There are products similar to creams that eliminate facial hair in less than eight minutes. Only use on the upper lip and never use on the eyebrows. This chemical method can irritate the skin. It is not a recommendation for sensitive skin.

5. Use hair removal with threads

This ancient technique from India does not mistreat the skin, it removes all the hair, the results are long-lasting, and it works wonders. Visit a professional hair salon for hair removal or learn and practice the technique with this hair removal tutorial.

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