4 Ways to Overcome Dry Eye

4 Ways to Overcome Dry Eye

Have you ever had dry eye disorders? Dry eyes are usually marked by red eyes, itching, sore, and feels like there is a wedge in the eyeball. Unlike pink eye caused by viruses, dry eye disorders caused by irritation due to lack of tear production that serves as a lubricant.

Dry eye complaints usually appear more often, when someone turns 30 years of age. Because, as the age increases, the production of tears will reduce, so it is not able to lubricate the eyes.

This condition can exacerbate by air pollution, too long to see the computer screen, air-conditioned room, the use of makeup, to sleep deprivation and stress. Not just make tired, dry eyes at risk of infection that can pierce the cornea, resulting in blindness. In addition to using drugs given by a doctor, do the following to accelerate the healing and prevent dry eye disorders:

4 Ways To Overcome Dry Eye
1. Rest your eyes while seeing the gadget and computer screen

Too long staring at the screen gadgets and computers can make a person does not blink for a long time, which then triggers dry eye complaints. To avoid this, limit the duration of viewing the screen to up to 1 hour. Rest your eyes for 1 minute by closing your eyes or gazing out the window, then starting to work again.

2. Drink enough

The condition of dehydration can affect tear production. To maintain tear production, drink at least eight glasses water per day and multiply the intake of fruits and vegetables.

3. Take vitamin A, omega-3 fatty acids, and omega-6

Vitamin A is useful for maintaining eye health by preventing the formation of free radicals and helps the metabolism of cells in the outermost layer of the retina. Sources of vitamin A include carrots, pumpkin, liver, and milk. Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids which are useful in maintaining oil production in tissues under the skin, as well as tear glands. The sources include fatty fish, nuts, and seeds.

4. Keep eye clean

Every time will sleep, remove contact lenses and clean it for reuse the next day. Do not forget to clean the eyes every day before bed so that the remnants of makeup do not stick and clog the tear ducts. Choose the type of makeup is safe for the area around the eyes, so as not to cause allergic reactions.

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