5 Ways to be Skinny

5 Ways to be Skinny

Today, it is hard for a woman to love their body for what it is. Public and social media put too high an estimate for the female body. Must be thin, white, and so on. When you are obsessed with being skinny, it creates a dysfunctional relationship with your food and life. When the numbers on the weight scale do not go down, you instantly have negative thoughts and think not to eat lunch or dinner.

So many of us associate skinny with a happier and better life. All the problems will disappear as the body becomes thinner. How can you stop obsessing to become thinner in an environment that encourages you to be thin? Follow these ways.

5 Ways to be Skinny
1. Do not compare yourself

Especially on the model or actress, you see on social media. Not the appearance that they show is the original appearance without tricks and photoshop, you know. Comparing yourself makes you feel disappointed and bad about yourself.

2. Wearing fitting clothes

When buying a dress, do not tempt to buy clothes that are smaller than your body. Bought it as a reference for the skinny, but the numbers in the shirt are just a number, you know. Retractable shoppers can use different numbers in one body shape. Choose comfortable clothes on the body and can make you confident.

3. Do not too often weigh the body

Numbers on the scales does not indicate whether you are happy and healthy. Sometimes a change in scales on the scales is a momentary pleasure which then makes you afraid to take action like eating and resting.

4. Release the desire to be perfect

No human is perfect, so embrace your imperfection. The desire to be thin often associate with the need to own and accept oneself. This step begins with your acceptance. Let’s embrace body and weight diversity!

5. Practice to be patient

No one is instant. If you are pursuing a thinner body for health reasons, know if they have to go through the process. Can not live with a week, a month, or a year. By practicing patience, you also train your obsession into something useful in the future.

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