15 Best Exercises In Water To Tone Your Body

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You already know, the benefits of water are endless. If you want to tone your body, aim these water exercises, and enjoy.
It is the ideal compromise between the most intense sports practice and absolute relaxation. Perform water exercises, in addition to helping you burn calories in record time, and it will give you an irresistible massage sensation. The pains will reduce, and of course, you will enjoy your practice more.

Benefits Of Water Exercises

In the water, although the effort is much more critical than on land because of its characteristics, our body weighs less than a third of its actual weight, hence an incredible sensation of lightness. And it does not look like it, and the body is toned up to twice as much.

All body parts work: From the abdominals to the back, going through the legs. Its practice is therefore ideal for, in addition to losing weight and getting more muscle, saying goodbye to the terrible orange peel.

Its effects are also visible in our health: It favors a more excellent sanguineous circulation and a better cardiovascular rhythm in addition to relaxing remarkably.

Some swim styles burn more calories than others: This is the case of the butterfly and the crawl. The joint effort of the arms and legs (synchronization is essential) will tone all parts of your body.

Best Water Exercises

If you are willing to resume healthy habits or give the first push to your bikini operation, we suggest you perform these water exercises.

1. The Crawl

It’s a fantastic swim style to tone your entire body.

Flap your legs as you take each arm out of the water to give yourself the boost.

2. Burpees

Stand in front of the edge of the pool, supporting your hands. Flex your legs and try to jump out of the pool in a single impulse. Repeat the exercise 30 times.

3. Butterfly

It is the style of swimming that burns the most calories since it requires a significant physical effort.

Remember that to do it, and your arms have to leave the water in a coordinated manner and remain with the head submerged when your hands are about to leave. Do not forget to give the impulse with your legs.

4. Abdominal Iron

Stay straight, with the water level at your chest and one after the other, raise your knees, as high as possible. Inspire by lowering them and expires by raising them. Make four series of 30 movements. Unstoppable.

5. Cycling

The effects of cycling on land are already spectacular: legs, back. All parts of your body are toned. These effects multiplied in the water by assuming a more significant effort to pedal. Make a series of 30 minutes.

6. Walking And Running

With the water at the height of your hips, take up to 30 steps forward and then back trying to accelerate little by little. Try to walk or run a minute.

7. The Equilibrium

In addition to toning your body, this exercise will allow you to gain resistance.

Standing in the water, with both feet resting on the ground, you lift your knees successively up to the height of the hip. Wait in this position for a minute and return to the initial position by breathing deeply.

8. For Legs

Straight in the water, raise your arms upright, and jump in the same place alternately advancing the right and left leg, like scissors. Repeat the movement about 30 times breathing deeply.

9. For Fine Waist

Stand straight with your hands on the curb of the pool. Lift each of your legs laterally to make circles. Make a series of fifteen.

10. For Abs And Legs

Rest your back against the wall of the pool and place your arms in a cross. Lay your legs forward horizontally and try to raise them as much as possible. You will work both abs and legs.

11. For Shoulders And Back

Straight in the water, extend your arms horizontally with the palms of the hands towards the ground, and turn your arms towards the outside stretching to the maximum to obtain a position “in the cross.” Repeat in the reverse direction.

1. Perfect Buttocks

Stand straight with your hands placed on the curb of the pool. Climb back each of your legs horizontally, without arching your back, about 15 times.

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