Waking Up With Oily Face – Causes & Prevention

Are you one of the women who have waking up with oily face? Even though, all night you sleep, don’t do anything. But how come are you waking up with oily face?

Many things can cause an oily face when you wake up, namely factors from within the body, to beauty products that you usually use. However, not everyone experiences this.

Because, some people do have normal levels of sebum or oil production, not too much produced at night. Genetic factors can also influence this condition. But for more details, below you can learn about the causes of waking up with oily face.

Causes Of Waking Up With Oily Face

1. Hormone Conditions

If your face looks shiny when you wake up, it could be caused by increased hormone levels at night because the hormone stimulates oil glands in the skin to produce more oil.

Naturally, the oil will be produced at any time so that the skin does not dry out and prevents bacterial infections. Well, during sleep this is a hormonal change that makes the oil content excessively produced.

Several factors can also affect the release of sebum at night, such as humid weather, stress, until the menstrual cycle. More humid and warm weather will increase oil production.

While during menstruation, hormones will increase, and become a trigger for the productivity of the oil glands, so that the face will be more oily, especially at night.

2. Skin Is Too Dry

An oily face, when you wake up, can also be caused by skin conditions that are too dry. So, when the skin is too dry, in an overnight, oil will be produced, so that the skin does not dry out.

Dry skin can cause by many factors, such as makeup, food, and weather. The gland will also automatically create more oil, to replace the water that has lost. So, make sure your skin should not dry before going to bed. So that when you wake up, your face is not oily.

3. Excessively Cleansing Your Face

Too often cleaning your face can also trigger your face to become more oily.

So, when you wash your face too often, you will throw away too much oil from the skin. It is what makes the oil gland detect that the skin lacks oil so that more oil will produce.

So, it’s best before bedtime not to wash your face excessively, just once, but make sure it’s clean.

How To Prevent Waking Up With Oily Face

1. Always clean your face before going to bed, to clean the pores and reduce oil production after a day of activities.

2. Use a cleanser that is free of oil, so that the face is not shinier.

3. Also, use a toner that suits your skin type.

4. After using toner, don’t forget to use moisturizer.

5. Any skin type needs moisturizing, for those who have oily skin types, use a mild moisturizer, and free of oil so that it won’t clog the pores. The way out the oil on the face will be more controlled.

6. You can also add facial care products at night (night cream) before bed, to nourish facial skin. Because, when the skin is well-nourished, the balance of oil gland production will be better.

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