How To Make Vitamin E and Honey Face Mask & Its Benefits

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Vitamin e and honey face mask are perfect for those with dry skin or premature aging. Luckily, you can fully cover this mask at home without having to go to the spa or beauty centers.

Vitamin e and honey face mask are one of the most popular handmade skin masks today. Not only because it has a high beauty effect but also because it is easy to do at home.

Benefits of Vitamin E And Honey Face Mask

Vitamin E and honey are essential ingredients in most skin care products today. Each type has its benefits, and when combined, you can ultimately create an amazingly homemade mask.

Vitamin E and honey face mask are especially suitable for people with dry skin because it has an incredibly high moisturizing ability. Now, let’s take a look at the outstanding benefits of vitamin e and honey face mask:

1. Helps To Get Soft And Smooth Skin

Vitamin E contains tocopherols and tocotrienols – all compounds can moisturize your skin. Honey, too, can moisturize the skin. Thus, when applying honey and vitamin E to the skin, the skin becomes much softer and smoother.

2. Helps To Lighten Skin

Honey can remove dead skin cells, excess sebum, dirt and bacteria on the skin surface. It will make the skin cleaner and brighter.

When combined with vitamin E, honey will not exert excessive skin abrasion, because vitamin E is like a natural lubricant, which helps to reduce friction and moisturize the skin. That’s why it’s extremely suitable for people with dry skin.

3. Prevent Aging And Treat Wrinkles

Vitamin E contains alpha-tocopherol – a powerful antioxidant that protects your skin from harmful free radicals. Vitamin E will work better if combined with vitamin C.

These harmful free radicals are the cause of disease, aging, more specifically, it causes facial wrinkles.

Therefore, applying a vitamin E mask will help to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and other related signs of aging.

Honey also contains some antioxidants that help fight aging. When combining honey with vitamin E, the effects will be multiple.

4. Remove Scars

Vitamin E and honey all have a deep nourishing effect on skin cells, helping to enhance the regeneration and repair of the skin, especially stimulating collagen formation. Therefore, when you have skin lesions (due to acne, scratches, cuts, etc.), apply vitamin E and honey face, the skin will be healthier and less scared.

5. Prevent Acne

Honey is a natural ingredient with high antibacterial properties. It can help to prevent and treat acne effectively.
Some studies have demonstrated the anti-inflammatory properties of vitamin E. It not only enhances the skin regeneration process, thereby making the mold your face is radiant. It also protects skin from environmental damage, reducing the risk of acne.

How To Make Vitamin E and Honey Face Mask


  • 2-3 capsules of vitamin E
  • One spoon of pure honey


  • Break vitamin E capsules and only take the oil inside.
  • Mix it well with honey in a small bowl.
How To Use vitamin E and Honey Face Mask
  • Spread the mixture over your face, gently massage in circular motions for a few minutes. Note, keep away from the nose and mouth area.
  • Leave it for about 10-15 minutes, meanwhile, lie down and relax, limiting movement of the facial muscles.
  • Then, wash your face with warm water, make sure the mask layer is completely removed, without missing anything.
  • If honey is too hard, you should gently soak your face with warm water so that it melts, don’t rush skin.
  • After washing your face, check your face.
  • Dry with a soft cotton towel.
  • Finally, apply a layer of moisturizer that you use every day, to make your skin softer.


This mask once a week is enough, so using it before going to bed is best. If you own a sensitive skin or suffer from severe acne, you should experiment a bit first, to see the skin’s reaction. Without any symptoms of skin irritation, you can use it regularly.

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