8 Best Thermogenic Foods To Burn Fat

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There is a long list of thermogenic foods that are capable of accelerating metabolism and burning fat. Here are the eight thermogenic foods to burn fat.

Thermogenic foods accelerate metabolism and increase caloric expenditure by up to 5%. According to the nutritionists, these thermogenic foods can promote higher energy expenditure, since their constant intake allows the body to work at a faster rate than usual.

Thermogenic Foods To Burn Fat

Therefore, as the body has more difficulty digesting these foods, body temperature increases, resulting in a more accelerated metabolism with high energy expenditure. Meet eight of the best thermogenic foods to burn fat below:

1. Water

Water is essential for the proper functioning of the digestive, respiratory, and cardiovascular system. It contributes to eliminating toxins from the body and thermal regulation and acts in various reactions of digestion and absorption of nutrients. Ingesting cold water makes the body work harder to adjust the temperature of the water to the body temperature. This process speeds up the metabolism.

2. Green Tea

Green tea contains antioxidant substances that act in the fight against cell aging, thus collaborating in the prevention of diseases such as some types of cancer. Green tea contributes to weight loss due to the caffeine present in its composition, which influences the increase in metabolism speed.

3. Orange

Rich in water and vitamin C, with low caloric content, orange helps in the regulation of insulin, hormones that generate higher fat accumulation at high concentrations. But don’t overdo it, because in large quantities it can be very caloric.

4. Broccoli

Rich in vitamin C and calcium, broccoli collaborates in a decrease in the percentage of body fat, since it has high concentrations of alpha-lipoic acid, which, like orange, also helps in the regulation of insulin levels.

5. Almonds

Almonds are rich in nutrients. It means that you ensure the consumption of a large number of micronutrients and healthy calories (good calories) with a small portion of almonds that you eat per day. Eating almonds is a stuffing snack. Almonds contain protein, fiber, and saturated fat, all of which help you feel more satisfied.

6. Coffee

Caffeine produces that the muscles need a higher level of energy for proper functioning, as it increases body temperature. Caffeine contains a compound called paraxanthin, whose effects allow more fat to use as an energy source instead of glucose.

7. Grapefruit

This bittersweet fruit barely contains fats and calories, and yet it has a satiating effect on our body since it contains the active ingredient called naringin. It is converted in the body to naringenin, which stimulates digestion. As a result, we feel full, and our snacks are reduced. Also, grapefruit has a positive effect on insulin and cholesterol levels and purifies the blood.

8. Peppers

The active ingredient capsaicin in peppers stimulates metabolism, raises body temperature (thermogenesis), and, therefore, consumes additional calories. Also, capsaicin has an antibacterial effect.

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