Suspension Exercises & Their Benefits

Suspension exercises, also known as TRX, have become a different alternative to gym machines. Starting to practice some physical activity is always tricky, but finding an alternative motivates anyone, that’s why this new method of suspending the body allows you to increase resistance.

The weight of the body managing to exercise all the muscles when suspended. The suspension is achieved using a nylon rope, in which it can adjust to the needs of the user.

The suspension exercises arise from the need of the US Army to solve the training problem for its soldiers, who did not have the equipment or the spaces necessary to train. It is how they started using parachute belts to design their exercise routines.

What Do You Need To Practice Suspension Exercises At Home

The necessary thing to practice this modality at home is to have the appropriate ropes and pulleys. Then, it is essential that the equipment should hold in a stable place like a tree, a door or a column.

Suspension Exercises

Suspension exercises help to tone and develop the muscles of the body healthily and naturally. Once the equipment installed, you can start with three basic exercises.

Exercise #1 Squats

The Squats serve to work the lower body, and this training process becomes more simple but effective.

  • The tapes should be at medium pressure, while the feet should be separated taking the hips as a reference.
  • Hold the ropes with your hands and begin to perform a traditional squat.
  • Remember that the knees should not pass the tip of the feet and should always lower at a 90 ° angle.
Exercise #2 Breast Press

One of the suspension exercises that helps to work the pectorals and is Breast Press.

  • To do this, the person must place with the back to the strings, and this must stretch to the maximum extent.
  • Look for a position in which you are stable, with the right column.
  • Start the movement of the press which is similar to the one done when bending on the ground.
  • Breathing should also take care of, inhale when you bring your arms back and exhale when you go forward.
Exercise #3

It helps to work the upper body muscles of the body, especially the muscles of the back.

  • Stand at 45 ° to the ground, extend the arms, going up and down imitating the movement that made when paddling.
  • The column should be aligned with the rest of the body, going up only with the arms.

Benefits of suspension exercises

1. Improves Flexibility

In suspension exercises, the aim is to combine and coordinate the body weight with the force of gravity, so that the body can improve flexibility, stability, strength, and balance. On the other hand, it is not required to have an excellent physical condition from the beginning, since there are just sessions designed with different levels of intensity.

2. Works On All Muscle Groups

They characterized by being functional training, that is to say, all the muscle groups work at the same time. Differentiating thus, from strength exercises that only concentrate in a specific area. By practicing functional training, the body molded more harmoniously.

3. Easy To Do For Old People

This type of activities is indicated for older people because having different levels of difficulty, makes them adapt more easily to these exercises. Also, for them, this implies that they can improve their balance and avoid falls.

4. Prevents Joint Injuries

Suspension exercises are recommended by a series of medical specialists and physiotherapists, since being suspended prevents the risk of joint injuries, in addition to working muscles that are engaged in maintaining posture. Therefore, it is also highly recommended to help people to improve back problems, because they have a high impact on the Core area.

5. Helps For Weight Loss

On the other hand, it helps to the weight loss and control of the weight. It is because one works with the corporal weight and the strength the increase, which helps to tone the muscles. As for the bone mass, it also has a high impact on the bones, since it favors that these do not reduce their mass.

6. Consumes Less Space To Practice

The equipment used to perform the suspension exercises does not require much space. They can do in a gym or a park or at home. The cords are easy to transport for use anywhere.

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