8 Best Stretching Exercises For Whole Body

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Stretching helps to warm the muscles and keep them more flexible. That is why it is essential to perform stretches whenever we practice exercise. Many women and men who exercise at home or the gym often forget about stretching. Sometimes, due to laziness or lack of desire, they decide to perform an exercise routine without stretching. This frequent error can cause significant injuries and make the exercise session less effective. In this article, we’ll tell you some of the stretching exercises to work the whole body.

Stretching Exercises For the Whole Body

1. Hamstring Stretch

Place one leg stretched on top of a rolled mat and the other flexed with the foot attached to the opposite leg. With the hips aligned, tilt the body forward, taking hold of the foot that is in front.

2. Butt Stretch

Place the front leg flexed, and the back leg stretched. The hips have to be well aligned. Place the body on the flexed leg.

3. Stretching The Side

Sit and raise one arm and flex it to the opposite side of the body. Use the other support arm. Keep your head above your shoulders and between your arms. The shoulders should always be low.

4. Back Stretch

Place a folded mat on the floor. Sit on your heels with your head between your arms and bring your arms (stretched) towards the mat. Hold the position for a few seconds. You will notice how it stretches the back.

5. Back Extension

Lying on your back, place a rolled mat on the back, below the scapula. Hands on the head and leaning back with the head on the ground.

6. Posterior Neck Stretch

Sit, interlace the fingers of the hands behind the head and, maintaining the distance of a fist between the chin and chest, lower the head stretching the back of the neck.

7. Quadriceps Stretch

Standing, advance one leg and flex it, so that it forms a right angle (knee and ankle should be aligned). Bring the other leg back and place it flexed on a folded mat or pillow. Grab the foot of the leg behind and gently pull it up to the gluteus until you feel a stretch without tension.

8. Lateral Neck Stretch

Sitting on the ischium, place one hand on the ear on the opposite side and bring the head to the side (always the head on the shoulders and the back straight). Stay in that position until you feel that you have stretched your neck and change to the other side.

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